SPOILER ALERT: AD is .......


     SPOILER ALERT: AD is …….Alison Dilaurentis   Cause two can keep a secret if one of them is dead   AD = Alison Dilaurentis CD = Courtney Dilaurentis CECE Drake was used as a “distraction” in the show because in the end Marlene might have stayed true to the story in the book and AD is Alison Dilaurentis. Courtney Dilaurentis and Alison Dilaurentis are the twins When Alison

Why Ezra Is connected to Bethany and A.D


 Eddie Lamb gave Ezra Bethany’s drawing (S5,E7) Ezra had money, he could easily pay someone to create that game for him and he can pay to keep an eye on the girls. One of the pictures Bethany supposedly drew shows a blonde that looks like Charlotte with what looks to 2 boys, my bet is that this is Ezra and Wren and either a therapist or Mary drake. Bethany drew

spencer pll season 7


 Okay so I’ve said in the past that Spencer has a twin and Bethany Young is A, but until now I haven’t linked the two together. In my video I mentioned that Spencer holds the key to everything and now I really think that’s the case now and Bethany Young is Spencer’s twin!! Spencer’s character has always been at the forefront of everything, we all thought it was Aria, but



 My theory is that Lucas is AD as throughout season 7 there are many points where we see that Lucas has copious amounts of money he also has the knowledge, and the reason! Ali picked on Lucas throughout high school also in the first Halloween episode the first secret the flash back has Lucas saying and I quote “one day she’ll get what’s coming to her” he also appears in



 In The Great Gatsby, by F Scott Fitzgerald, a number of character could be said to link and show similarities to those in PLL. Also, this novel is mentioned ALOT in PLL. TGG->>>-PLL: Gatsby=Wren/AD Daisy=Mary Drake Tom= Caleb Nick= Hanna Jordan= Lucas George Wilson(who kills Gatsby)= Toby Myrtle Wilson= Spencer Grace XO



 Spencer has an unknown twin. She is AD.We know Spencer was born in Radley to Mary Drake. Mary Drake is a twin so having twins is very likely. In the episode where Hanna is trapped in a room by AD,she had a”dream” that Spencer comes to see her. In this”dream”, Hanna says that she thinks this A is smarter than the others. Then Spencer says, “you told them the truth



 As a very enthusiastic PLL fan, I have written an in depth theory (over the course of 4 years) with my very good friend Xara, proving my points with lots of evidence and logic. Having been a PLL fan for since I was 7 years, and having re-watched the episodes at least 30-40 times, I like to think this theory is either very close to the truth or in fact



  The other day I was re-watching the first few series of Pretty Little Liars when I noticed something, the whole theme really is focused around the disappearance of Alison Lauren Dilaurentis. Yes, everyone already knows this, and some may disagree, but please continue to read this because trust me it will make sense soon. I think back in season 1 really no one thought pll was about anything other than

spencer jason pll


 Ok….So I can’t get over the chin dimples in the Dilaurentis family, notice that Spencer and Mary have it, you can see a resemblance, Spencer is Mary’s child? So i was watching season 6 episode 2 and Dean….the boy from rehab aka (Spencer’s friend) and him n Spencer look a lot alike!!! I also have another theory that Mona’s friend who was in Radley, the crazy girl who testified, Leslie – I’m thinking

nosey wren


  I think Wren is AD/Uber A. Firstly, because in 1×04 A wrote “Nosey bitches die”. Pll is American so they spell it as nosy. Wren is British so he would spell it as nosey. Secondly, in 5×19 Aria had a problem in her maths test which was solve A. People have solved it and the answer is W R E N. WREN!! Finally, Wren is a bird and what

melissa pll


 Uber A theory…..Melissa is Uber A.  I think it could be Melissa because people in season 7 keep on mentioning how Spencer and Melissa look alike and that they could be twins. Spoilers have said that the whole Uber A theory is revolved around twins.When hanna was taken by ( A.D ) she had a dream about Spencer  telling her “If there was a way in there is always a

Pll season 7


 Hey dolls! Welcome to Season 7! What did you guys think of the first episode? I loved it because it put the spotlight on one of my favourite characters: Spencer. There was something alarming about the scene with Hanna and the Spencer hallucination. Out of that, was born this theory: I think Marlene is staying true to the books, but she is using Spencer as the twin in the show.



 So we haven’t seen Jenna for a long time. We don’t know what happened to her or what she’s been up to, especially as she was a core cast member in seasons 1-3. The reason why I think she could be a great contender for the PLL twin is because she always went from being blind to sometimes being able to see perfectly. Marlene said recently on Twitter that “there



 Hello Liars, Vivian D here offering some insight on your second favourite dead girl, Bethany Young. Bethany, oh Bethany where to start with you. First of all you can stop the whole ‘dead’ act because we all know that you have no proof your in that grave. I mean, we have never seen a grown up picture of you, just from when you were at the nuthouse being your usual

PLL Twin Theory - Hanna


  The music box appears again in the PLL Spring finale and all I can remember is when Hanna looked into that Music box in season 3 and Red Coat appeared? Well could that Red Coat have been Hanna’s Twin? We know Marlene posted those two red twins years ago and they were similar to the people that Hanna saw in Ravenswood. We also know Hanna was there when Ali

pll 6b


 Hey guys, I know I haven’t posted in a while but it’s good to back in a position where it’s actually a little interesting to do these theories again, I kinda have to say it may not be the best finale but I think it’ll be okay. I have a couple of people in mind as to who could be Uber A. Mrs. D  could be the twin, I know

no stone unturned


 Mr. Cavanaugh is Big Bad!Based off the Book Lolita                                                                  Lolita Summary “In the manuscript, Humbert relates his peaceful upbringing on the Riviera, where he encounters his first love, the twelve-year-old Annabel Leigh. Annabel and the thirteen-year-old Humbert never consummate their love, and Annabel’s death from typhus four months later haunts Humbert. Although Humbert goes on to a career as a teacher of English literature, he spends time in a

Theory on Emily's Secret


 Okay so I have a theory about Emily’s secret. It’s just something about what her mom said about the money her dad left her. I’ve been thinking what if she’s spent the money, because she is over 21, so I’m assuming she got it directly. And in the last episode her card didn’t seem to work. The books say Emily is pregnant, I think we could see a similar story-line,

Alison Uber A


  I’ve always thought that it would be awesome if Alison was the ultimate Uber A. There’s something sinister about her and here’s some points why I think Ali could still be in the game. Ali seemed like she never had much of a bond with her mom much, almost like she hated her, she could have killed her. It was perfect timing, she returned, her mom died. She may