10 Spooky Things About Cece Drake

cece drake

What do we really know about Cece Drake, who is she exactly? Have a look at the 10 things we think about Cece Drake.

  1. She looks like the evil twin in Alison’s halloween story.          cece-youngCeCe-Drake
  2. We don’t know anything about Cece’s parents which means that it’s likely that they put her up for adoption.
  3. She has ways to get into Radley, she even has her own visitor pass that was authorised by Wren Kingston.
  4. Cece dresses up like Alison. In The Mirror Has Three Faces, Mrs Dilaurentis said “Then I get there she’s dressed head-to-toe in your clothing, but it’s not my daughter sitting in Radley. It’s Cece Drake.”
  5. Alison then replies “I can’t believe that crazy bitch actually did it.” Does this suggest that Cece really is the crazy twin.
  6. If Cece is the twin in Alison’s story, have a look at the background below. This looks like the Montgomery’s house. Hmmm is that a big hint that she is Mr Byron Montgomery’s daughter.twin housearia house
  7. Mrs DiLaurentis was buying Cece clothes, was Cece blackmailing Mrs D for something?
  8. Cece dressed up as Red Coat to catch A for Ali, we see her in Now You See Me, Now You Don’t. She fell and disappeared in this episode like it was a magic trick.cece
  9. Cece was accused of the murder of Darren Wilden. She supposedly pushed the girl down the stairs at the frat party, Cece comes across as dAngerous.
  10. We know that Cece knows everything about the Liars because Alison tells her everything but does Cece know more?


Here’s what I think:

Cece Drake is always protecting Alison because Alison knows that Cece is the twin that killed her sister and she kept it a secret. Cece copies Alison, she wants to be like Alison so she tries to do the things that Alison does, she wears her clothes, she likes the same guys Alison likes.

Cece might be Mrs DiLaurentis and Byron’s daughter, Mrs DiLaurentis had twins, the twins were adopted by a family we don’t yet know. Cece killed her twin like in that halloween story, the parents gave her away.

Cece became friends with Alison, Mrs DiLaurentis doesn’t know that Alison knows Cece is her daughter, she calls their friendship ‘toxic’ and warns Alison to stay away from Cece.

Cece dresses up like Alison in Radley and she pushed Marion off the roof. Mrs DiLaurentis joins the board at Radley and tries to cover up what happened. Bethany saw that Cece pushed Marion off the roof BUT thinks that it was Alison because Cece dressed up like her.

Bethany tells Mrs D that she saw Alison push Marion off the roof. Mrs D tries to keep Bethany quiet Mrs D takes Bethany out and pretends that she cares about her but just tries to cover up for Alison. Cece blackmails Mrs D telling her that she will expose everything, Mrs D buys Cece clothes and whatever she wants to keep her quiet.

Cece tells Bethany that Mrs D lied to her that she only took Bethany out to cover up for Alison.

Cece sends both girls the yellow top to wear that day and gives Bethany a bracelet with Alison’s name on it and she shows Bethany that she can trust her (Cece). Cece tells her to wear Alison’s clothes so that Bethany can get out of Radley, everyone would think she was Alison and let her leave.

Mrs D gets a call to say a patient has escaped from Radley, she knows it’s Bethany and warns Alison not to go out that night. Alison has no idea what happened with Cece, Mrs D and Bethany in Radley.

Bethany comes that night to get Alison, Spencer runs after Cece thinking that she was Alison but doesn’t hit her, Cece falls on the ground and her arm is bleeding. When Spencer goes away, Cece hits Alison on the head to make it look like it was Bethany, Mrs D saw she rushes out and shouts ‘What have you done!’.

Mrs D buries Alison. Meanwhile, Byron comes to hit Alison after he confronted her but he hits Bethany thinking it is Alison and he leaves quickly without checking. Melissa saw Spencer with the shovel and she thinks Spencer hit Alison so she buries Bethany thinking she was Alison to cover up for Spencer.

Cece is being questioned for the murder of Wilden and Mrs DiLaurentis tells Cece that she can’t protect her anymore, Cece buries Mrs DiLaurentis.

Cece is jealous of Alison because Mrs DiLaurentis never let her have a life like her daughter Alison so she takes it out on Alison and the other Liars.

Alison disguised herself as Vivian Darkbloom to find out who A is and Cece copied her so she becomes Red Coat and tortures Alison.

Let me know what you think about this theory in the comments below.

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