16 Reasons Why Mona Could Still Be A

Mona is still A

Mona is still ASo I’ve been wondering about A and I know Marlene says she’ll shock us, I would like to hope it’s quite a big shock, especially for someone who writes theories because it’s fun but somehow I’d still like it to be a complete like wow, jaw on the floor type ending.

Whilst I could hope for that, I somehow would love if A was and has always been Mona.

We’ve been seeing a lot of clues leading the girls to Mona’s death and i’m just wondering if Mona is Alive and is still A.

Here is why Mona could still be A and her motives.

  • Mona ‘died’ to become ‘invisible’.
  • We see flashbacks of Mona’s moments of genius thinking and planning.
  • Mona has ditched the dolls for a bigger plan.
  • Mona is leading the liars to her Dollhouse.
  • Mona blackmailed Paige and Lucas into helping her fake her death, which is why Paige left.
  • The ‘dead’ Mona was a doll, hence her hinting about the creepy real-life dollhouse game.
  • Mona was friends with Sara Harvey and Bethany Young.
  • Mona is the one who killed her twin, and now pretends she is her.
  • She was planning her death for a while and the writers took a year to plan it on paper.
  • Mona took out life insurance and now has a lot more money.
  • She could still be hiding out in her house.
  • Andrew is her accomplice.
  • She is trying to get the liars to uncover the truth about why Ali disappeared.
  • It’s all a big game to her.
  • Mona will appear in 5×25.
  • Maya Knew: Mona was planning something bigger.

What do you think? Could it be Mona?

  • Kat

    What caught my attention this last episode was Andrew’s statement that Mona is not the only one on this team. As well as how he mentions her in the present tense.

    • Hi Kat, that’s a really great catch! I missed that but makes more sense that the writers actually drop that in if she is alive.