February 2015

Aria wearing same dress


 Recently IMK said A takes over from Mona in Season 3, so I started watching and there are a lot of similar sequences in PLL, I’m wondering if they can give us any clues to A’s identity. That night and the night Emily disappears. Both scenes play out the same, with Aria waking up Hanna and Spencer saying she’s looked everywhere, she’s even wearing red. In the pilot and in

Cat Reference pll


 Wow, what an episode right! So Spencer goes to London, has her interview with Oxford. I;m guessing she probably won’t get in because of that bloody mess. All in the time that Emily teaches a frustrated Talia how to dance and Aria and Hanna go find out who the burn victim is. Should really have guessed it would be Cyrus, considering he was a pretty useless character on the show.

ella with pig


 Recently, I re-watched the pilot of Pretty Little Liars. One thing that caught my eye was Ella and Byron unpacking. As the Montgomery matriarch and patriarch are emptying boxes they come across an old pig puppet that Aria was, apparently, obsessed with as a girl. Now, just off the top of my head I could think of two other significant pig references in PLL; Hanna’s pig cupcakes below and the

lesli stone


 So IMK introduced us to a new character, Lesli Stone in 5b, but is she the Lesli that Mona knew or someone else? Possibilities She is Ashley Marin’s daughter. Ashley and Lesli both have Auburn hair, i’m not saying everyone with the same hair color should be related, but why could it be significant here? Could this be why she asked for Hanna and not because she’s a friend of

eddie lamb


 The first appearance of Eddie Lamb was in Will the Circle Be Unbroken? He is seen a nurse at Radley Sanitarium when Spencer was admitted to Radley. Spencer asks Eddie about Toby he tells her that Toby used to visit his mom In Misery Loves Company, we see this identity badge with the name E. Lamb and Toby’s photo, what’s the connection between the two, could Eddie Lamb have created this ID card

lars thorwald pll


 In Season 2 Ep.4 when Spencer goes to the pawn shop, after she comes out, the girls are in a alley and at the back there is a poster of this… Dr. Lars Thorwald is a character from Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window, yep the same name as our beloved coffee house on PLL. Thorwald..in the film. In the film he is suspected by his neighbor of killing his wife.  I

hanna pll


 Okay well I have been suspecting Hanna as big A for a long time. She was friends with Mona who was once A, I think realising that was when it started. All of the theories I have read about her have made sense. Hanna is the underestimated one, she has a reason to hate all the girls. She was bullied and no one ever stood up for her, I think

Kate Randell


 Mona!!! I love seeing Janel back on screen but now after watching that I think she really could be dead, actually i’m a little surprised she was alive after seeing all that blood, that can’t have been healthy to draw blood like that! So is Mike telling the truth or is he feeding information back to the girls to make them feel sorry for Ali. It’s weird that Lesli said

keegan allen


 Toby has always been very mysterious, don’t you think? Throughout seasons 1 and 2 of PLL, the girls have suspected Toby and accused him of a lot of things. One of the biggest PLL clues were that the girls always think of this person. Now there’s this Johnny Raymond guy, is he the new Spoby, Spohnny? Are the producers tearing Spoby apart so that we won’t need to feel sorry for Spencer

Mona's attacker


  In 2×25, UnmAsked, Mona goes to Radley & Red Coat (Big A) visits, & Mona says, “I did everything you asked me to” which means she was working for Red Coat. So throughout S1&S2, some of the A scenes could have been Mona BUT some could have been Big A, because Big A is supposed to be someone we have known since S1. I think BigA was/is CeCe or

neilan preview


 I’ve seen Neilan’s department store quite a few times in PLL and it got me wondering, why? I’ve mentioned before that Toby could be playing a character named Jame’s Neilan so could it be related? This is what I found.   There is a character in How the A stole Christmas called Neilan, I’m guessing he is the lawyer that gives Hanna the drawings of Ali’s house. But I watched

jason dilaurentis


 I think Jason could be A because we can notice through this season and since the beginning that A is especially against Hanna and Spencer who are the principal and favorite victims of A. In that case, Jason seems to be the principal one who has enough reasons to take vengeance after them. In the case of Spencer , we can imagine that Jason wants to take vengeance of Mister

Chris Cavanaugh pll


 I’m saying that Chris Cavanaugh is Toby Cavanaugh’s TWIN! Here’s why: Look at this Radley sign in sheet, what other reason would A get rid of it, it had his name on it, C. Cavanaugh. Alison said that Toby was looking into her room when she called him a ‘perv’, it wasn’t Toby it was Chris and he was watching her and this is how A watched everyone. Toby came with

cece pll


  Ali pushed Marion and Mrs D protects her by blaming Bethany, Cece’s twin. Cece finds out and befriends Ali. only to poison her against everyone and to kill her later. Cece got into Radley to see her twin. Bethany escapes and Cece waits for her to come to Ali’s house so they can hit her. Only Spencer hits Cece’s twin because she’s drugged up. Cece hits Ali and wows

ashley marin pll


  Hanna’s mom has always been strange, she’s so sullen and almost never happy it seems. When I re-watched the pilot, I found it odd that Hanna got away with stealing. We know Ashley and Wilden slept together but what if Ashley knew about Alison and knew about her body and she told Wilden about it.  Ashley was a realtor so I’m assuming she could have sold the house for

Emily is A theory Pll


  I didn’t think of Emily being a possible A until I saw this theory on You Tube (Watch it if you can, it’s really good), anyway since there are so many clues I focused on one scene that stood out, this one…. Then I thought about it, how freakin’ insane would it be if Emily was keeping Maya’s body here, and vowed to get revenge for her? It is

Jason DiLaurentis


 A is .. Jason !! Jason was in New York as were the girls in New York. Jason knows the secrets of the girls because he reads in Ali ‘s diaries or may have formerly been listening at the door. Jason is often times somewhere in rehab or anywhere else. A good motive to hide in the A- hiding ? A ist.. Jason!! Jason war in new York als die

Out, Damned Spot recap


 So the girls are donating blood, it’s like they are handing themselves over to the police without A even trying.  But how come Emily wasn’t donating? The more I watch season 5, the more I suspect Emily could be in on the game. The way she spilled to Ezra about Aria just seemed liked she was making trouble rather than ‘accidentally’ telling him. And what is so bad about her

cece drake


 What do we really know about Cece Drake, who is she exactly? Have a look at the 10 things we think about Cece Drake. She looks like the evil twin in Alison’s halloween story.           We don’t know anything about Cece’s parents which means that it’s likely that they put her up for adoption. She has ways to get into Radley, she even has her own

hard luck


 Who was actually there at the night of Alison’s disappearance. We know that Alison was blackmailing Byron and he came to confront her that night. Melissa and Cece were there, Jason saw them and why was he out of it that night! Mrs D was at home and all four girls were at the farm but Spencer came out to talk to Alison. Alison saw Toby and Ian that night

cece drake


 Hello Dolls, I’ve been thinking about the reasons why Ali chose the girls she did and I think it’s because of Cece and herself, i’ll explain. Ali and Cece were very close, I don’t know if Cece befriended Ali because she wanted to be besties but because Cece had a plan to trap her. I think Cece could be either Byron’s daughter with Ashley Marin – I know it’s a

bookstore pll


 Hey Pll Addicts, So this is just a recap of yesterday’s episode ‘Oh what hard luck stories they all hand me’ Spoiler alert if you haven’t watched the episode. First of all, after listening to Bethany’s tape i’m convinced it’s Maya, have you heard Maya in the first seasons, i’m sure she could bend her voice to sound a little different but you can tell it’s her. Ali had something

alison dilaurentis


 Hi Pll addicts! So I wanted to do something fun and I thought of doing these one liner theories for today’s post. They are all separate to one another. Cece killed her twin and is Byron’s brother’s daughter and Aria’s cousin. Ali killed Bethany’s twin and Bethany is A. Ezra is actually a private investigator hired by Mr DiLaurentis (and now by Eddie Lamb.)   Emily is A and is