March 2015

ashley pll


 She had a baby with Peter Hastings before she was married to Hanna’s dad. Ashley knew that Peter already had another son named Jason with Mrs. DiLaurentis, so she decided to give the baby up for adoption to the DiLaurentis family. His name was Charles and he was a year or so younger than Jason. As Charles went from a toddler into small boyhood, signs of him having a problem

andrew pll


 Of the 2 boys, I think Andrew is the older/bigger boy. Look at the sweater the little boy is wearing under the vest. Then look at Andrew’s sweater while he is listening to Mrs Hastings phone call. Also, in the video Mrs D says kids your little sister and I think only the older boy kisses her. Then look at the shoe strings, the little boys are red (A is

Harold pll


 Has anyone suspected anything of this Harold Crane character? I mean, one minute he is the Innkeeper of a creepy motel lot and then he’s wandering around as a high school janitor? Firstly he knew about Mona’s Lair, I mean she kept a lot of things in that room, enough for him to snoop through. He shows up in an episode named UnmAsked as a Norman Bates type character and

Charles pll


   Charles is NOT Bethany Young, nor is he CeCe Drake. (The age differences do not add up. Bethany was 17 when she died, making her 19 IF she’s alive and CeCe is 26.) In fact, he’s not a girl at all. Because Charles had a list of songs from 7 years ago and played “Unwritten” had the prom, which came out in 2005, I think he’s 24. They mention

Ali's Gran's Inheritance


 One of the producers of the show, Norman Buckley, posted this on Instagram yesterday and his caption (“PLL is such a political show when you get right down to it”) made me think, I wouldn’t have taken PLL as a political show but it may have certain undertones that we are yet to uncover. All this talk about vaults and keeping secrets and family ties makes me wonder whether A’s motives

Jason pll


 Looking back to 1×8 “Please do talk about me when I’m gone” – Jason is very excited to see the girls – he says to them in Spencer’s kitchen “Mom, Dad and I are so thankful…” – as if he is speaking to one of his sisters about their parents – he doesn’t say “MY mom, dad and I”….. He says he remembers the girls laughing, keeping secrets, etc. seems

Charles pll


 The major thing that jumped out at me when I saw the still shot of Mrs. DiLarentis and her 3 children was the color of one of the boy’s shoestrings. One has blue, while the other has pink. They are dressed very similarly with the shoestring colors being the only major difference. That makes me think that the theories that I have read about Charles identifying as a female are

Charles pll


 Everything is never as it seems in Rosewood. I was looking at the footage that Spencer was watching again and I noticed that Mrs. D only tells one of the boys to kiss his sister goodnight, she says good boys but that doesn’t mean they are both hers. Which makes me think the other little boy is not her son but it’s the person who is behind the camera’s son.

Charles is A


   So how’s everyone after the A reveal? Confused? Shocked? Think you’ve been watching the wrong show? because that’s pretty much how I felt after the finale! Well Marlene did say she’s going to shock us and I guess she did. SPOILERS…. Firstly can we just praise the fact that Mona is Alive, I mean silver linings an’ all. So glad to see Mona again, even if she did look

MAyA's GAme PlAn?


 I’m probably shooting myself in the foot by creating this post, esp seeing at The Big A Reveal is tonight but ever since my Maya is Bethany theory, I have been gathering a little bit more evidence. I’m not saying Maya is BIG A, though she could be, what this post suggests is that she could have been Bethany, Ali’s sister. Her character has always been a bit shady but

wren pll


  Okay so here we go… In Ep: 1.1 or 1.2 Wren orders a vodka soda we also see A with vodka from time to time and in Ep: 3.4 orders a vodka soda while waiting at an airport. When Mona tells him about leaving the G being left out of diagnosis we see that his writing is in all caps like most if not all of A’s notes. Grunwald

PLL Predictions


 Firstly, these are NOT SPOILERS but my own Predictions of what could happen, and some of what I would like to see happen  in the BIG FINALE  for season 5. The liars watch NAT Videos planted around the Dollhouse They watch who pushed who off the roof at Radley A recruits a list of Ali’s haters, Paige, Lucas, Andrew, Cindy and Mindy, Jenna, Melissa, and brings them to the ‘prom’

Bethany Pll


  I’ve been thinking about this for a while, The girls have never met Bethany (that we know of) so if she has never met them why would she hate them? Now in the books we know that Mona was at Toby Cavanaugh the night Ali threw the stink bomb in the garage, Mona got burned that night from the fire. We know the show likes to re imagine the story’s

Ali's dad


  Could Alison’s dad be A? Kenneth left when Alison died, and wherever he is claimed to have stayed he could well have stayed in Rosewood to torture the girls -especially Hanna who we can see he doesn’t like. He knew that Alison was alive, that is why he was so quick to get used to the idea of her coming back home, also, when Alison was away he and

Ella and Byron


 I was going to name this post Ella is A but I know the title of that post sounds ridiculous, even to me. So I wanted to do this theory for ages and ages but I was busy going on the clues of the show and writing obvious ones. So I was looking up the name Ella and it actually is…. I wasn’t expecting that but there you have it.

ted cookie


 What’s the story with Pastor Ted? His first appearance was in That Girl is Poison, where he met Ashley whilst volunteering at the rummage sale. He shares his cookie with Ashley and they talk about Hanna, he looks around to Hanna and seems to know who she is. He was keen on getting to know the Marins a bit, but was there more to it? When Hanna finds Emily’s jacket in

A's Motive Pll


 I’ve been wondering about A’s motives and I’ve mentioned this before that I don’t think the person who hit Ali is necessary A. I think A is protecting the person who hit Ali. Maybe there is a connection between them or they are lovers but wherever it is I think this might be the case. IMK said we’ll feel sorry for A, because there is a reason behind why they

Paige Mannequin


 I was watching, well re-watching an old episode: 3:11, Single Freight Female, when Ali approaches Paige in a flashback, Ali says “Is he still that big old deacon at the church?” I know Paige’s dad is a Church Deacon but I was wondering whether Ted might have given her away when she was young. I wonder if Mrs. D, or even Marion had the affair with Pastor Ted and Paige

Mona is still A


 So I’ve been wondering about A and I know Marlene says she’ll shock us, I would like to hope it’s quite a big shock, especially for someone who writes theories because it’s fun but somehow I’d still like it to be a complete like wow, jaw on the floor type ending. Whilst I could hope for that, I somehow would love if A was and has always been Mona. We’ve

Boo Boo's Ice Cream


 I like that the girls are getting a little clever, I mean Aria actually caught on to the fact that A never found anything from Mona’s room. Hanna knew the song was by Edith Piaf, and there were a few others things which caught me by surprise about yesterdays’s episode, it just felt a lot grown up and really well written. News got out about Jason and Ashley after he

Mona's secret pll


 A lot people have been wondering what Mona’s secret could be and there is still a possibility that Maya is Big A. (If you haven’t seen my Maya is Bethany theory then click here to read.) I’ve said it in my Maya theory and It still makes sense to me that Mona helped Maya fake her death, here’s why: At the end of 2×25, red coat (I’m assuming, Maya goes

alison stink bomb pll


 I know this is very fare fetched and random but anything can happen on Pretty Little Liars as we all know. But I would love and hate if this was true (probably not!). So here it goes… I think Toby has a twin brother called Charles! (apparently Spencer figures out an anagram in season finale that says it) and “CHARLES” was the one Alison saw with Jenna when she threw

toby pll


 Okay, so let’s start off with some basic background family tree information. Starting with Jenna. We do not know her parents’ names. However, we know her father isn’t in the picture and her mother married Toby’s father, Daniel. Daniel was originally married to Marion and together they had a child, Toby. Marion was in Radley for whatever reason and died. So here’s my theory: Let’s say Marion had a sister,

sara harvey and bethany


 It looks like Varjak is a valid name of A or A’s associate. This clever gal found this…   Sara Harvey! Okay so does this lead to Sara being A or someone getting revenge for her? We know Claire was a friend of Sara and so was a girl named Avery who we’ve never seen. If this is someone we don’t know then how are we to find her/him in the