April 2015

Andrew Campbell


 Okay, so there are a hell of a lot of theories that say that Andrew is Charles/A/whatever we’re calling them these days. While I really don’t (or don’t want to) believe this due to his relatively fluctuant appearances in the show and how painfully obviously shady the writers have been making him look recently, I do however think that he may in fact be Varjak, but not for the reasons

scream for me pll


 I wonder if Charles is none other than Mrs. D’s brother. What if the twin story that Ali told was of Charles and Jessica, just metaphorically, they Mrs. D stabbed him in the back…. for Money? Maybe Charles is Toby’s real father, Toby did pause when Spencer showed him this….Could that knife belong to Charles? Is this why Toby became a cop? To start looking in to this? Mrs. D

Everything you need to know about Charles


 Where does Charles fit in? What about everything that happened that night. Mrs DiLaurentis wrote ‘I can’t protect you anymore’, who would she protect after hitting her own daughter, the only person you would bury your daughter for is another child or your sibling and it would make sense if that person did it out of having a mental illness Mrs DiLaurentis received a call that night, she knew that someone escaped from Radley, what

Pll william blake


 The titles for PLL Season 6, episodes 602/03 are called Songs of experience and Songs of Innocence; this is the title of William Blake’s famous poetry book. William Blake was an English poet and he was a deeply spiritual thinker. The more I think about A and his actions and motives the more it ties in with everything in this book. If you haven’t read Songs of Innocence and Experience,

Charles pll


 Short theory on Charles IF Charles is the boy who kissed the little baby, then I’m guessing this boy could be Toby’s older brother and Marion’s son. Marion was forced to put her son into Radley because of some altercation between him and another child, probably was sent there when something was not actually his fault. Maybe he did something to Jason and Mr Hastings found out and got little

Andrew and Lesli Theory pll


 This is just a short Theory. I’m not sure if Andrew is A. I actually think he knew Sara Harvey and is looking into what happened to her. I don’t know if he’s a relation to her or he’s her boyfriend but I think there are outsiders who want to get in on the action because their loved ones went missing too. Maybe the DiLaurentis’ and the Hastings knew Sara