May 2015

bethany face


 Marion and Jessica are twins or sisters and their maiden name is Campbell. That’s why they were at the farm. Marion and Kenneth had Charles and Bethany together. Jessica was holding Bethany and Charles kissed her in the video. Hence why she wants her to call her aunt Jessie. Jessica had Jason with Peter so the other boy was Jason or possibly Andrew because he is their cousin. Toby is

mona pll


 I thought about the clue of the dollhouse that Marlene posted, have a look: The doll at the top is dressed in the yellow top and jeans and look who is wearing the crown and look at Mona in the Season 5 finale, she wears the crown to the prom and she is wearing the same clothes as the doll. How does Mona know everything about the house, she said

Alex is Charles?


 The PLL Season 6 premier is only 9 days away!! Which means getting back in to posting! I’ve been analyzing the characters that Spencer has gotten close to and Alex from Season 1 popped up. There are not so many clues because he was only in 5 episodes but enough to make him look suspicious! Alex first shows up at the Country Club that Spenser’s family go to. He sees

M Pll


 If you haven’t seen the new season 6 promo for PLL, brace yourself! Have a peek: The thing that stood out to me was this: I had a thought that what if Mrs. D never had Marion killed but locked up by Charles?  Or Charles was blackmailing Mrs.D for some reason? From this it looks like someone who we think is dead has actually been locked up, maybe it’s Maya