June 2015

PLL Season 6 Finale


 Whoever Charles is, whether alive or dead, he is/was working with Black Widow. I don’t know if it’s mutual or if one is blackmailing the other. Someone sent me this from Pretty Little Liars xxxx Tumblr. Photo 1: Once you know what someone cares about, it’s easy to beat them, to separate them. Just like in chess. I lure each one and I isolate each of them, and knock them off

sara harvey


 Okay so Sara probably is Sara but what if her twin was Bethany? We know Bethany was in Radley, probably the time Charles was there. They must have met. Charles tells Bethany his story. They become friends. Bethany was younger so maybe he thought of her as his sister Ali. Maybe Bethany told Sara she had escaped and wants to meet. Charles sends Ali the yellow top, Bethany sends Sara

spencer killed charles


 Why does A make Spencer out to be a murderer?:- In Season 6 Episode 4 Don’t Look Now Spencer gets her flashbacks from the dollhouse. She was seen with blood all over her clothes and blood all over the floor, she looks at the camera and shouts “What have I done!”. It’s all starting to make sense now, we find out that Charles is REALLY dead! Have a look at my previous post

A is nurse child


 I’ve been watching Pll episodes again and I’ve found some things that have given me reAson to think Marion is black widow, that Ali had planned to disappear and that this has been planned from the beginning and Cece should not be trusted at all. I explain everything below. Marion is alive (I’ve done a similar theory on Marion is Alive before but this one is updated) and Toby knows

Sara harvey


 So we still don’t know how Sara got caught up in this mess but I have a theory. What if Sara was secretly dating Wilden? Maybe he was also dating Melissa at the same time and Cece caught them, she wanted to expose her to Melissa so she planned something to call her to Rosewood and mess with her. Is that why Wilden said to Emily’s mum he knew how Emily

Wren is Charles


 I know there are many Wren clues, but I found a few more that have me convinced that Charles is Wren. In s3:1 when Hannah went to visit Mona, she was reading a magazine and she says “this thing is full of birds, it’s all about feathers this season”. So feathers, Birds of a feather, Wren is the name of a bird. In fact the Wren bird has many links



 Jason knew Charles as Charlie, Mr.D lied and said he didn’t know anything and at the end of the last episode we see him telling Ali and Jason something that sounded like he knew Charlie. I actually think Charles is really dead and someone is getting revenge on the family for him. Let’s say that Charles was another man’s child, or even another family’s child, what if one of his

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 After re watching all five seasons, especially the first three seasons, I have come up with the theory, which I strongly stand by, Lets first get to know a bit about Jenna: In October 2008, Jenna moved to Rosewood after her mother married Toby’s father. She already knew who Alison was. She quickly became popular at Rosewood High School. Alison invited her to join her group of friends but she



  Credits to PheonixFilmTV I saw this awesome Wren theory and it just seems to make sense.  Love the way it’s put together. It got me thinking about Wren, I wrote about him when I said he dated Melissa to get close to Maya/Bethany who was living next door but I wanted to add a bit to this video. Wren was first seen in season one, episode one. I think he

Songs of innocence pll recap


  You may think yesterday’s episode didn’t give away much clues but there was some very interesting things going on that revealed some big give-aways about the liars and their personalities.. I’ll go into this later after a short recap – Spoilers if you have not seen the new episode! So the girls are all back home, and I loved the emotions that were flowing in the episode. So Charles

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 What if Charles thinks he is a DiLaurentis but he is actually a Hastings? Mrs D took Jason and Peter took Melissa whilst Charles was sent away. This is valid a reason for us to feel sorry for him, knowing that none of the parents wanted him but kept his brother and sister. What if all Charles wanted was to be loved but Mrs. D never gave him the chance?

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  My first Sara Harvey Theory! Let me know what you guys think in the comments below. Thanks to Georgie Thunder for our conversation via twitter which lead to the video. If you have a theory, you can submit through my website. xoxo

Game on Charles - Pll Recap


  What a freaking’ episode! That kept me on the edge of my seat the whole way through, and I’m so glad it’s all developing now and quite fast. So from last night’s episode we finally saw that Sara Harvey was Alive. Does this mean that the girl in Ali’s back yard really was Bethany Young? (Personally I wouldn’t rule out Bethany yet) Which could mean one of the liars