July 2015

holbrook pll


 I think Detective Holbrook could be Charles, I thought this awhile back when he was always very shifty and A was shown at the end to put in a password at the police station, a password that Holbrook would of course know. Then Hannah went to the warehouse with Calab and found the girls blood samples, and other items of the girls in police evidence bags, something else Holbrook had

sara harvey


  Charles is actually Bethany who is actually the Sara we know now My running theory is: Mrs D paid Wilden to cover up Marion’s death which was caused by Charles/Bethany. Charles is actually alive, and is in fact Bethany who is actually also Sara.  Charles and Bethany conveniently ran away from Radley on the same day.  I feel like Charles became Bethany while in Radley which explains why Mrs

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 Ezra and Aria Created “A” for their novel… In Season 1, Ezra (Mr. Fitz) selects “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee for his English class to read and discuss. Right away Aria’s interpretation of Boo Radley causes Ezra yell at another student who simply disagrees with her opinion. Later, when Aria tells Mr. and Mrs. Montgomery that she is really enjoying To Kill a Mockingbird, they tell her she

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 Watch Pretty Little Liars episodes online. Find the episodes list below. Pretty Little Liars Season 1 episode 1 – Pilot Pretty Little Liars Season 1 episode 2 – The Jenna Thing Pretty Little Liars Season 1 episode 3 – To Kill a Mocking Girl Pretty Little Liars Season 1 episode 4 – Can You Hear Me Now Pretty Little Liars Season 1 episode 5 – Reality Bites Me Pretty Little

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 JASON AND RHYS ARE TWINS!!! AND JASON IS NOT A DILAURENTIS Here is Marlene introducing Rhys. (Watch full video here: https://twitter.com/PLLbigA/status/624651452963758080)   Here is Rhys Matthews in season 6 episode 8 Framed (How much does he look like Jason!!!) Now here is why Jason and Rhys are twins – look at the picture frame below. This was in the dolls house where Charles took the girls. If you look close at

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 Have anyone read the Pretty Little Liars books?  I’m on book 4 and I thought if anyone wants to read them, here’s breakdown of what’s in which book, so you can start from the beginning or go to a particular number. Don’t worry, no spoilers! Book 1 – Pretty Little Liars View the US version – View the UK version This is the night Alison goes missing.  The liars are unhappy and

marion cavanaugh


  Just a quick post. I watched the several times, doesn’t it seem like there are two woman’s voices? The first one says Freddy, then Mrs. D says her line then at the end, the other voice says: “Play nice now okay?” She also says, “nice job you guys, nice singing Freddy” I think this is definitely Marion, she knew about Freddy and was either paid to keep quiet or he was her son. I

Marion is BW


 Now that we are getting close to the finale, I feel like we have a lot of clues to piece some stuff together but there are so many pieces to the Puzzle! Some if it I’ve said in previous posts so may be a bit repetitive. I thought of this theory after listening to Spencer telling Toby how his mum wanted to be with her family and she hadn’t been

charles dilaurentis


 Our theory is that “Sara Harvey” is a transgender Charles Dilaurentis. Firstly, in the home video of Charles and Jason like in the picture below. Why has one got pink laces and one got blue? It has to mean something? Following this, Charles tried to “drown Alison” according to Mr Dilaurentis. But what was his motive? Perhaps he was jealous and angry that Alison had the chance to be accepted

Pll summer finale


  A looks petite, so is A a girl, Bethany or could it be a petite guy like Johnny Raymond? Could Johnny be Charles? Johnny is in his 20’s, he likes art, maybe Marion could have taught him at Radley he drew a rat mural when he took Spencer out. He had an unpleasant exchange with Toby. We saw a flashback of him looking at Spencer in Season 1 x

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 So someone leaves a birthday card on Mr DiLaurentis’ car windscreen, was it to him or for someone else, Charles? What’s the deal with Charles, is he dead or alive. What does he want from the girls, has he actually killed anyone. Is he just trying to teach them a lesson or make them feel sympathy for what he has been through. If Charles is alive, then Carol could be buried in her

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 Below are just a few things we’ve noticed from season 6 and ‘Welcome to the Dollhouse’. Changes to the girls’ rooms There are a number of subtle differences between the girls’ actual rooms and their rooms in the dollhouse. For example, the hanging ‘S’ in Spencer’s room becomes an ‘A’, and the Eiffel Tower poster in Hanna’s room becomes the Leaning Tower of Pisa. There may be a parallel here

charles cavanaugh


 I don’t know if it has been mentioned before or it just seems too over thought but here it is. I re-watched pretty little liars and I got to season 4 episode 18, it’s the episode when the liars realised they had to get the dentist files, and if they got the file they would more likely get the name of who A is. Hanna managed to get the file

A's soul room


 Radley is creepy,  there is no two ways about it. But just how creepy is it? In Charles’ file, Spencer reads that he died and his organs were donated. Now Whilst he may sound crazy, what if something along these lines actually happened? Have a read of this article I found. Is this where the PLL writers got the idea from? It is about a mental hospital in Maryland was used as

Garrett is Charles


 I was wondering if anyone ever dies in Rosewood and this theory was born. Could Garrett be Charles? These clues point to one of the least suspected characters on the show. Well, he’s dead you may say, but so was Mona and she’s now alive and well. Here are the reasons why: Garrett is 25, the only one who is older than all the main characters on the show, (obv



 I noticed Maddie’s dance was relevant to the show because in it she was telling us what happened. This is how opera scenes are played out. watching this, I don’t think Marion died. And I think Maddie is playing out Spencer’s reality when she was young. I’m not saying that little girl is Spencer, I’m saying it’s supposed to trigger her memory. There was one summer Spencer doesn’t remember and