August 2015

cece drake


 Okay so I definitely wasn’t expecting that! I mean firstly, they actually went with a transgender plot because, no we saw Mrs.D say, good boy in the video. Sara freakin’ Harvey was red coat and black widow. Are you kidding me! The body type doesn’t match and the Cece clues are not strong enough, I’m sorry but everything was a coincidence. I’ve always had faith in Marlene but I have

charles pll


 It’s finally here! 11th August.  Just hours away from tonights episode, Game Over, Charles! Watch the promo: Read tonight’s episode description, listed on IMDb, below: What a crazy episode this is going to be. I’m pretty sure there’s going to be some shocking surprises. If you watched the sneak peak you’ll see that Charles is standing on the roof of a building, the girls have followed him and Alison is trying to convince him not to jump. Marlene

toby pll


 Toby is A and Toby’s Mum is Jessica’s sister making Toby and Alison cousins. Charles is Toby’s twin/brother and also Jason’s and Ali’s cousin. C.Cauvanaugh (written in Jenna’s visitor book) stands for Charles Cavanaugh rather than Charles DiLaurentis. Their biological father is Ken DiLaurentis, which is what caused Marion and Jessica to fall out. Bethany is also Toby’s sister. She killed someone when she was very young and was sent to

mime pll


  In season four episode twelve is when we meet a character who doesn’t raise many suspicions, but maybe he should. In that episode the girls travel to Ravenswood, in hopes to save Mona after an “A” warning. I have always wondered who the mime is. Haven’t you wondered that? I believe he is no other than Ezra Fitz, we do know he was in Ravenswood that day, and we

wilden pll


 Wilden is A, I read somewhere that Wilden is the only character from PLL who has blue eyes and little Charles has blue eyes, so this is a first clue pointing towards Wilden being A also Wilden has blonde hair like Jason and the little boy from the video. In season 6 episode 9 at the end Alison sounded like she knew who it’s was by her facial expressions and

lucas pll


 I think A is Lucas. I must admit that I thought for some time that it was Ezra but I have since then changed my mind. A is obviously from season one as previously mentioned from a short video from the director, so I went to IMDB to look up the cast from season 1. Lucas was listed from 2010-2016, which got me to thinking. Why? Other than the main

PLL dresss Prom


 Firstly can we take the moment to appreciate the liars’ dresses! And another for the stunning moms! OMG, after 6 years we are now only 6 days away from knowing who A is. That’s a freakin’ bittersweet, because it’s been such a long time coming and next week’s episode will be over in a flash because we won’t have time to breath. Okay so this Rhys, Jason looky-likey, I don’t

wren pll


 Wren is A I have been suspicious for a while now and the more I look into the more obvious it because so I am going to share 6 of my favourite wren is a clues 🙂 Spencer knows Charles/A I don’t think Charles and a are the same person but still, Spencer seems to know Charles/A. She is seen alone with Charles/A many times so why is he targeting

All Things Maya! - Guest Theory by Lily


 ALL THINGS MAYA! Why she isn’t dead: 1. Her death was so random it was just so out of the blue 2. There has been lots of Maya references lately so maybe she is coming back? 3. Sara is Emily’s love interest at the moment it is said that Paige comes back for a visit so why not have a reunion with all Emily passed girlfriends and bring maya back

mike pll


 With the season coming to the finale. I decided to look back for clues as to whom A is. I looked at all the texts and episode plots. Then I thought that maybe had nothing to do with it. I explored many possibilities and I have found a theory that makes sense. If you think about it who is close to the liars and has access to them. I immediately

cece charles


 My theory is based on how they could have created PLL season 3 and beyond. Clearly, they had to use what they had already done from the first two seasons. Now King said that they truly came up with the story line at the start of season 3. So here it is… Mrs.DiLaurentis committed Charles DiLaurentis to Radley after his attempt to drown Alison as a baby. Now Charles is

sara harvey pll


 This was made to look like new guy Jason lookalike, Rhys Matthews (below) but I wonder if the producers have cleverly put it together so it looks like Rhys but is actually Sara Harvey, why else would they cut her beautiful long blond hair on the show! So, Sara Harvey could be working with Charles? Remember this taken in Emily’s bedroom whilst Sara was sleeping, I suspect Charles/Red Coat planned it

caleb rivers


 CALEB RIVERS Did you know that Tyler Blackburn who plays Caleb is a singer as well as an actor? On 11th August when Game Over Charles airs, Tyler would have been in 94 episodes. He first starred in PLL on Season 1 Episode 14 – Careful What U Wish 4  on 24 Jan 2011. Caleb was put in foster care after his mum Claudia gave him up when he was 5