January 2016

no stone unturned


 Mr. Cavanaugh is Big Bad!Based off the Book Lolita                                                                  Lolita Summary “In the manuscript, Humbert relates his peaceful upbringing on the Riviera, where he encounters his first love, the twelve-year-old Annabel Leigh. Annabel and the thirteen-year-old Humbert never consummate their love, and Annabel’s death from typhus four months later haunts Humbert. Although Humbert goes on to a career as a teacher of English literature, he spends time in a

Theory on Emily's Secret


 Okay so I have a theory about Emily’s secret. It’s just something about what her mom said about the money her dad left her. I’ve been thinking what if she’s spent the money, because she is over 21, so I’m assuming she got it directly. And in the last episode her card didn’t seem to work. The books say Emily is pregnant, I think we could see a similar story-line,

Alison Uber A


  I’ve always thought that it would be awesome if Alison was the ultimate Uber A. There’s something sinister about her and here’s some points why I think Ali could still be in the game. Ali seemed like she never had much of a bond with her mom much, almost like she hated her, she could have killed her. It was perfect timing, she returned, her mom died. She may

Ezra Uber A


  I’ve never done a full theory on Ezra before, simply because there were so many out there, I didn’t have an angle. But after watching 6B, i feel he could be a good contender for Uber A. I just feel he was so shady in the opening episode that there could be some evil lurking in him after all. Here’s my short but sweet theory, because i’m treating 6B

pll 6b


 You guys, can you believe it’s been nearly 5 months since the “reveal of A”! I put that in brackets because if you are a PLL junkie, you would have seen Marlene’s tweet on the new villain being named Uber A, which makes me wonder whether someone was using Charlotte after all, I mean she isn’t all there (no pun intended). Here’s a quick recap, and after I’ll go through