March 2016



 So we haven’t seen Jenna for a long time. We don’t know what happened to her or what she’s been up to, especially as she was a core cast member in seasons 1-3. The reason why I think she could be a great contender for the PLL twin is because she always went from being blind to sometimes being able to see perfectly. Marlene said recently on Twitter that “there



 Hello Liars, Vivian D here offering some insight on your second favourite dead girl, Bethany Young. Bethany, oh Bethany where to start with you. First of all you can stop the whole ‘dead’ act because we all know that you have no proof your in that grave. I mean, we have never seen a grown up picture of you, just from when you were at the nuthouse being your usual

PLL Twin Theory - Hanna


  The music box appears again in the PLL Spring finale and all I can remember is when Hanna looked into that Music box in season 3 and Red Coat appeared? Well could that Red Coat have been Hanna’s Twin? We know Marlene posted those two red twins years ago and they were similar to the people that Hanna saw in Ravenswood. We also know Hanna was there when Ali

pll 6b


 Hey guys, I know I haven’t posted in a while but it’s good to back in a position where it’s actually a little interesting to do these theories again, I kinda have to say it may not be the best finale but I think it’ll be okay. I have a couple of people in mind as to who could be Uber A. Mrs. D  could be the twin, I know