October 2016

spencer jason pll


 Ok….So I can’t get over the chin dimples in the Dilaurentis family, notice that Spencer and Mary have it, you can see a resemblance, Spencer is Mary’s child? So i was watching season 6 episode 2 and Dean….the boy from rehab aka (Spencer’s friend) and him n Spencer look a lot alike!!! I also have another theory that Mona’s friend who was in Radley, the crazy girl who testified, Leslie – I’m thinking

nosey wren


  I think Wren is AD/Uber A. Firstly, because in 1×04 A wrote “Nosey bitches die”. Pll is American so they spell it as nosy. Wren is British so he would spell it as nosey. Secondly, in 5×19 Aria had a problem in her maths test which was solve A. People have solved it and the answer is W R E N. WREN!! Finally, Wren is a bird and what