May 2017

spencer pll season 7


 Okay so I’ve said in the past that Spencer has a twin and Bethany Young is A, but until now I haven’t linked the two together. In my video I mentioned that Spencer holds the key to everything and now I really think that’s the case now and Bethany Young is Spencer’s twin!! Spencer’s character has always been at the forefront of everything, we all thought it was Aria, but



 My theory is that Lucas is AD as throughout season 7 there are many points where we see that Lucas has copious amounts of money he also has the knowledge, and the reason! Ali picked on Lucas throughout high school also in the first Halloween episode the first secret the flash back has Lucas saying and I quote “one day she’ll get what’s coming to her” he also appears in



 In The Great Gatsby, by F Scott Fitzgerald, a number of character could be said to link and show similarities to those in PLL. Also, this novel is mentioned ALOT in PLL. TGG->>>-PLL: Gatsby=Wren/AD Daisy=Mary Drake Tom= Caleb Nick= Hanna Jordan= Lucas George Wilson(who kills Gatsby)= Toby Myrtle Wilson= Spencer Grace XO



 Spencer has an unknown twin. She is AD.We know Spencer was born in Radley to Mary Drake. Mary Drake is a twin so having twins is very likely. In the episode where Hanna is trapped in a room by AD,she had a”dream” that Spencer comes to see her. In this”dream”, Hanna says that she thinks this A is smarter than the others. Then Spencer says, “you told them the truth



 As a very enthusiastic PLL fan, I have written an in depth theory (over the course of 4 years) with my very good friend Xara, proving my points with lots of evidence and logic. Having been a PLL fan for since I was 7 years, and having re-watched the episodes at least 30-40 times, I like to think this theory is either very close to the truth or in fact