Toby is A! 5 Clues that will blow your mind!

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I’ve done a post before on Toby is A, but now I’ve got more evidence on reasons why Toby is A or at least be the twin.

Toby has motive

We know how much he hated Alison. When she went to see him in the Juvenile center, he said he would help whoever is sending her the texts. What if he did find out and he is helping them?

Also could Toby have found out that Alison or her mother had anything to do with his mother’s death? That would give him the ultimate motive and the viewers wouldn’t hate him for it. Marlene said once we figure out why A is tormenting the girls we’ll understand.

He probably wanted to take out the NAT club members because they were making videos of him.

His evil stare 

Look at this shot, how he looks at Garrett leaving when he hears Garrett tell Spencer he’ll tell her everything about that night. But we all know Garrett dies in later in the Halloween train.

Toby's revenge

Hey Pretty eyes, the same pretty eyes that paid Dr Sullivan off?

toby cavannaugh

Clues outside the show

I found this interview with the shows producers who spell out how much Toby’s character hates the girls.

Is Toby A?


Tammin Sursok, who plays Jenna, posted this on her Instagram, Is Keegan Allen playing two characters? Is he the twin? James Neilan and Toby Cavannaugh

tammin sursok

We also know that Marlene is very fond of Keegan and she said A is her favourite character, probably nothing but still.

The Snow Globe

Could the Snow Globe be a clue? Toby has a love for snow globes, he had loads in his room.

Toby is A

toby pll

Burying the evidence 

Now that Toby is a cop he doesn’t need his lair, which may have been in his house? Did he burn his own house?

Toby's house

Also did he know that Caleb and Spencer would find the knife and destroy HIS fingerprints?

Toby PLL

One more thing  I found – could the Date of Birth on Dr Sullivan’s ‘A’ file be 3/ 94?


Because on PLL Wiki, look at the birth date!


I could add more reasons like he’s a carpenter and he knows how to use tools, he has access to the police records now. I’m not saying Toby killed Mona but he’s the one after Alison.

Also Mrs Grunwald said to the liars, one of you has been touched by the one Ali fears most, well what if she meant Toby?  He also has the Tattoo 901 Free at Last.

Poor Toby or Bad Toby or Twin Toby?

HAve you got Anything to Add? Let us know!

  • Jo

    He also has money. Remember the settlement he was offered from Radley? he definitely lied about not taking it.