Alex is Charles?

Alex is Charles?

The PLL Season 6 premier is only 9 days away!! Which means getting back in to posting!

I’ve been analyzing the characters that Spencer has gotten close to and Alex from Season 1 popped up. There are not so many clues because he was only in 5 episodes but enough to make him look suspicious!

Alex first shows up at the Country Club that Spenser’s family go to. He sees Spencer on the court and instantly starts up a conversion with her.

Alex Pll

Alex watched Spencer lose the her tennis game on purpose and he didn’t look too happy with her dad. Later on Spencer’s dad tells her Alex nearly caused him to lose a business deal. Mr. Hastings didn’t seem to care much about the country club workers, like he looked down on them.

The way Alex carries his bag is a little like A is shown in some of Marlene’s clues from the Season 5 finale.

Alex Bag Pll

In the episode Spencer is getting ready for her Homecoming, they discuss tuxes and matching suits (something that wee see A doing in the penultimate episode of Season 5) Alex gives her a wad of cash, which looks suss. And at the end of the episode A has a tin of paint, hmm, I wonder where he got that from? Perhaps the Homecoming prep room?



Did Alex take the tin of paint when he went to see Spencer?  (above)


Spencer took Alex to her Homecoming, the theme was carnival, he could have gotten plenty of ideas from here for his future stunts, the Halloween train ride, the mime trick, the prom which ended Season 5….

Alex Carnival PLL

The first time all the girls meet Alex is at Homecoming Prom.


Melissa and Alex seemed to look like they know each other.He says to Melissa “I like people watching” In a creepy or normal way, Alex? He also gets pretty pissed off to hear that Spencer is using him.


Does this make him get revenge at the fortune tellers?

Fortune teller

Did he set up a reading so he could get this across to Spencer? When you hear what the Fortune teller  says ” There is darkness in him. Maybe even violence or Vengeance”. You assume she is talking about Toby, but what if she was talking about Alex? He is in plain sight.

Also note Maya and Alex were at Homecoming, maybe they knew of each other and were working together. He could have kidnapped Maya way before the girls, as in Season 6 we see writing that says “I’m afraid h’s going to kill me” signed by M. Could it be Maya?

alex oj

Alex was moved to working in the kitchen, he has access to freezers and food and wine and spirits. He also knows about all the country club members and can employ a ton of people from the club in his games.


When Spencer comes by to spend an evening with Alex, he has to work. She goes looking for ingredients in the back room and snoops through this cupboard, it’s filled with members of the country club who have been rude to the club’s workers. A small act of revenge again?


Interestingly, Spencer also finds herself there too. Alex claims he knows nothing about why she’s there when she calls him out on this but he looks like he secretly knows all. Looks like something A would do.


When Spencer introduces her mom to Alex, she mentions his full name Alex Santiago. Mrs. Hastings doesn’t look too pleased, just look at her face! Alex acts odd too. When Spencer calls her mom out on in, her mom says she had a lump removed from her breast, and even Mr. Hasting didn’t know, she got drunk at the club and spilled all to Alex, whose first day it was. Hmm, somehow that doesn’t make sense, why wouldn’t she tell Mr. Hastings and didn’t she need Chemo for after? Did no one notice or are you just a great liar Veronica?

spences mom

Next thing we know Alex has been told to go to Sweden to be a Tennis pro. Someone sent his application electronically. Now I know Mrs. Hastings is a good lawyer and can get a guy away from Spencer without Spencer knowing it was her. I’m guessing Veronica knows something, she tells Spencer. he’s a great guy and secretly has him sent away.

Or Alex could have used this tennis pro as an excuse to go ‘disappear’ and then the games begin?

After Alex leaves, Spencer gets this message, but did Mona send this text, or was it in fact Alex?


At the end of the episode we see A putting money into a ‘clown bank’, now we know Alex gave Spencer a wad of money earlier, could this be his tips/savings from the country club?

money 2

Alex could have fit the hoodie who jumped the wall in Season 4 and it fits with what Mrs. Grunwald says, “one of you has been touched by the one Ali fears most”

If Alex is Charles, I think it could be do with him being poor and being ‘used’ by all the rich members including Mr. Hastings. I’m sure the NAT club members visited the club and abused their status’s.

He’s supposed to be 19, a year older than the girls. Fits the age of the Charles and Bethany twin theory. Or he may have been in Radley with Bethany and become friends.

I remember the producer of PLL, Norman Buckley say the show is quite political and what is more political than societal relations torn between the rich and the poor.

Alex may be envious, angry of the rich girls and their parents who shunned him out because of his background.

If he was a DiLaurentis and wasn’t included in the family then he watched Ali get everything whilst he got nothing.

Or was he Marion’s kid?

He and Toby do look somewhat similar.

Alex and Toby PLL


alex and toby

Oh and we are to believe he left for Sweden? Welcome in Swedish is Välkommen, could is be this phrase that was used in the season 5 finale promo?

What do you think? Could A stand for Alex?

  • MyBoobear27

    This theory was awesome! I’ve been thinking about Alex recently too and was thinking what if he was A and went back to all the episodes he was in to find anything suspicious I think there is a possibility he’s A.

    • Thank you! It leads back to Spencer and Melissa as well somehow and he knew both the girls. Did you find anything on him?