Ali’s Inheritance

Ali's Gran's Inheritance

One of the producers of the show, Norman Buckley, posted this on Instagram yesterday and his caption (“PLL is such a political show when you get right down to it”) made me think, I wouldn’t have taken PLL as a political show but it may have certain undertones that we are yet to uncover.

Norman Buckley

All this talk about vaults and keeping secrets and family ties makes me wonder whether A’s motives are to do with money?

Here’s a couple of points on the show I found to back up my theory.

Ali's Gran's Inheritance

S2:6 Mrs.D has lunch with the girls and drops in to the conversation that Jason ‘came into family money’ which i’m guessing was the inheritance from the gran.

In the conversation Mrs. D says “both of my kids do, did” I don’t think that’s a slip of tongue I think the writers are informing us that she still has two kids. She doesn’t seem upset just coy. It’s also a little bit creepy that in the flashback Ali says “I own these dresses, like just you guys” maybe that’s why A has an obsession with them because Ali treated them like her dolls and now A wants to play too.

Hanna's Gran

S2:11 In Spencer’s flashback, Ali ask’s Hanna’s gran if she would ever disown any of her kids (Side note: Maybe she’s hinting that’s what Mrs. D did with Charles) Hanna’s gran wasn’t putting up with any of Ali’s nonsense but Spencer caught on to something.

After the flashback, Spencer then asks her dad “what does the DiLaurentis family have on us?” I know she never knew that Jason was her half-brother at this point but i wonder if the DiLaurentis’ asked the Hastings to ‘fix’ something else for them, only he screwed it up and done something else in favor of himself. (side note: Maybe Mr Hastings is the one who got the Children’s Ward at Radley shut down? Meaning Charles had to be transferred elsewhere?)

Mr. Hastings tells Spencer that Ali’s gran had a lot of money and that the Dilaurentis’ came to him and asked him to change the will, to stop it looking like Jason had killed Ali to get the money for himself. Is this what actually happened? Was it Jason or Charles who got the will amended.

Also When Ali says she’s in this mess because she told someone the truth, I wonder if she told anyone about her inheritance? Maybe Cece, she was close to Jason too. And Cece went to visit someone in Radley, could she have told another patient about the money? Or she could have told Wren, his family member was ill, what if he needed the money for treatment? To help a loved one, people would do anything. 

I’m wondering how much interest Mr. Hastings had in his son getting the money rather than Ali. Maybe so he didn’t have to give much to him and he could leave his settlement to Spencer and Melissa.

Could Tippi be a metaphor for the inheritance? Back with its rightful owner? Or is Charles protecting the inheritance and Tippi for Ali from someone else?

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