Why did Alison Choose the Girls?

cece drake

Hello Dolls,

I’ve been thinking about the reasons why Ali chose the girls she did and I think it’s because of Cece and herself, i’ll explain.

Ali and Cece were very close, I don’t know if Cece befriended Ali because she wanted to be besties but because Cece had a plan to trap her.

I think Cece could be either Byron’s daughter with Ashley Marin – I know it’s a long shot but those two seem to share a history and what if Cece is their twin daughter? i.e Hanna’s sister. It would make sense as to why Ashley and Hanna are around twins in the show.  It could also be that Cece is Byron’s brother child but then it gets confusing.

I think Cece told Ali and that’s why Ali was blackmailing Mr.Montgomery.

Alison told Cece that her mum also had an affair and the girl is in Radley, she told Cece she wanted to go and see her, and Cece without telling Ali goes in to get to Bethany.

Cece is twisted so she wants Ali dead and she has a plan for Bethany to do it.

I think Ali chose Spencer because they are kind of related via Jason. I think she chose Hanna because of Cece’s relationship to her and I think she chose Aria also because of Cece’s relationship.

I can’t link Emily to anyone because I think Ali actually liked her.

I sill think Bethany is A but Cece is the evil twin who wanted Ali and Bethany dead because of her jealousy. Only Cece’s plan went wrong. I think Cece was blackmailing Mrs.D, we know Mrs. D didn’t like her so why would she give her clothes?

If Maya is Bethany (see previous post) and she read Ali’s diary then it would give her motive to go after Ali and Cece’s ‘families’ because she thinks they tried to plan against her.

I think Maya also liked Emily. Nothing really happens to Emily either, not as much as the other girls. Maybe she is one the A team?

Also did Mona know about Cece?

What do you guys think?