SPOILER ALERT: AD is .......



SPOILER ALERT: AD is …….Alison Dilaurentis


Cause two can keep a secret if one of them is dead


AD = Alison Dilaurentis

CD = Courtney Dilaurentis

courtney drake

CECE Drake was used as a “distraction” in the show because in the end Marlene might have stayed true to the story in the book and AD is Alison Dilaurentis.

Courtney Dilaurentis and Alison Dilaurentis are the twins

Alison is A pll finale

When Alison & Courtney were young they fought violently and their parents witnessed Courtney attacking Alison, so they sent Courtney to Radley.  Later Alison became popular in high school but before she could get to prom she went missing. This is when her sister Courtney pretended to be Alison and sent Alison to Radley. Now the real Alison in Radley is plotting to kill Courtney and seek revenge on her friends (the liars) as well, as she is jealous of their friendship with Courtney . ‘That Night’ Alison escaped Radley and killed Courtney.

Mrs D thought Courtney escaped and killed Alison.

CECE’s game was because she enjoyed torturing the liars on behalf of Alison.

Mona killed CECE and now Alison has taken over the game.

Bethany Young is the cover name given to Courtney Dilaurentis in Radley by Jessica and Kenneth, because they didn’t’ want Alison to visit her. This is why Bethany calls Mrs D mum.

Remember how Bethany and Alison say all you need is a good lie!

Spencer is the half sister of Courtney and Alison.

Watch this video to see Alison imitating Courtney. That’s why there are multiple versions of the scene at the Kissing Rock.

Video credit: Dana Barbie.