All Things Maya! – Guest Theory by Lily

All Things Maya! - Guest Theory by Lily


Maya and emily's mom

Why she isn’t dead:
1. Her death was so random it was just so out of the blue
2. There has been lots of Maya references lately so maybe she is coming back?
3. Sara is Emily’s love interest at the moment it is said that Paige comes back for a visit so why not have a reunion with all Emily passed girlfriends and bring maya back to see who Emily will pick?

Why she is a:
1. I think Maya and Shawna are sisters and Shawna knew Ali so therefore if my theory is right them Maya would know Ali too
2. She just happened to move into Ali house
3. She made the move On Emily not the other way round she kissed Emily and have her weed. Maybe Emily wouldn’t have gotten involved with Maya if Maya hadn’t tried.

  • Amy

    Okay, there’s also another clue that she is alive. The song Suggestions is played twice and only twice in PLL. The 1st moment: When “Alison”‘s body is found. The 2nd: When Maya’s body is found. Also both scenes are very similar and hurt Emily the most. Okay now think about this, Alison turned out alive. Why would they do this for no reason?

  • Meredith

    i have a hard time believing Maya is alive. She was “murdered” in a way that had nothing to do with the actual A story line. If Emily killed Nate and Maya is still alive, this will send Emily into a complete tail spin. I don’t think it would be someone that would actually hurt the girls worse than they already are.