Alison as Uber A?

Alison Uber A

Ali pll 6b

I’ve always thought that it would be awesome if Alison was the ultimate Uber A. There’s something sinister about her and here’s some points why I think Ali could still be in the game.

  • Ali seemed like she never had much of a bond with her mom much, almost like she hated her, she could have killed her. It was perfect timing, she returned, her mom died.
  • She may have resented Charlotte or even talked her into doing the whole A thing and then she has her brought home and kills her.
  • She never truly liked the girls, she liked Emily but even Emily chose the girls as one point.
  • In 6B, she seemed like she wanted to have control over them and get them to stay with her in Rosewood – the way she held Emily’s hand was borderline manipulative.
  • She has the attention once again, the girls will be flocking around her.
  • She knew everyone’s secrets from the beginning.
  • When Spencer was in Radley, in her “dream logic” state she saw Ali and Ali said to her, you didn’t even know me when you knew me – I think it’s a clue into Ali’s secret world.
  • Plus Ali and Cece both had red coats on when they were trying to lure the girls to Ezra’s den, it could show they played the game together.
  • Maybe the time Mrs. D came to Alison in her dream, it was Ali’s subconscious because she knew she would get found out, so she somehow put the focus on Charlotte.
  • If Charlotte loved Ali so much, she would have done anything for her, even lie.
  • She stayed in Rosewood and has had 5 years of planning.
  • The girls wouldn’t suspect her.

I bet she will be the first to discoverer Spaleb as well!

What do you guys think? Could it ever be Ali? Do you have more reasons to believe it is her? Leave them in the comments below 🙂

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