Koh Phi Phi, twin islands laying about half-way between Krabi and Phuket in the Andaman sea off Southern Thailand’s western world coast.
Of the two islands only the bigger, Koh Phi Phi Don, a dumbbell shaped cut, is inhabited.
Small one, Koh Phi Phi Leh, is a favorite destination for day trips from either Phuket or Koh Phi Phi Don.

Koh Phi Phi (or Phi Phi island) consists of two islands, Phi Phi Don, the bigger one of the two with an abundance of fine beaches and accommodation to match all needs. The more geographically dramatic, Phi Phi Leh, using its cliffs, natural caves and water-filled canyon supplies the tourists fascinating and outdoor pursuits. Both islands are in Krabi province and are part of Hat Nopparat Thara/Koh Phi Phi Natioanl Marine Area, about 42 Kilometers southern of Phuket.

Climate in Phi Phi
it rains the most in-may and October (typically 22 out of thirty days), as it experiences both monsoons. The temperatures varies little throughout the year, keeping between 30? c from October to February and rising up to 35?c from March onwards.
Beaches and featuresThe dump bell-shaped island of Phi Phi Don is endowed with green rolling hills, spectacular cliffs, long powdery white beaches and emerald water. A good beach on the southern side curves around Lot Sai Bay providing the dock for boats from Phuket and Krabi. Within the north area of the ‘deal with’ simply a few hundred meters away is the fine beach of Loh Dalum Bay. About 2 kilometers southeast from Ton Sai Bay, you will find Hat Yao (long beach), home to Phi Phi Don’s finest coral reefs, further north, transferring the stunning Hat Lanti whish is famous for browsing on, Hat Laem Thong stands against an impressive range of cheer time stone cliffs and amazing scenery.

Phi Phi Don and its own nearby island
Make famous by the Hollywood film The Beach, staring Leonardo Di Caprio, maintain its natural splendor and unspoiled beaches. There are a number of beach activities and structured boat trips from here, driving,
Several dive centers have small offices along the brick walkway east of Ton Sai Bay. All day long snorkeling trips normally include meal, water super fruit, and diving equipment and snorkeling equipment.
The stop off points for these trips usually are at Koh Yung (Mosquito Island), Koh Mai Pai (Bamboo) and Phi Phi Leh, Hin Pae (Goat Rock)

Loh Dalum Bay is the palace you can vent Kayaks each hour, haft day or all day at reasonable prices.
IF you are searching for excitement in big game angling, look for indication board along the brick walkway in Ton Sai Bay. Trips can be found aboard long-tail boats and include soft drink, meal and fish deal with.

Rock and roll – climbing
For the more adventurous, there are several routes bolted into the sheer line rock cliff on Phi Phi Don contact PP’s local agent.
Organized tours and Boat charters
Full day tour by boat can be chartered from PP Don to PP Lek where you can travel to the so called Viking Cave containing prehistoric paintings of stylized real human and animal figures. Half day trips to PP Leh or Bamboo Island are also available.

Dining out & Entertainment
Resorts in Phi Phi have their won restaurants. However, there are always a wide selection of restaurants and caf? to match traditional western palates in Lot Sai Bay area. There’s a pub and restaurant with wood table and chairs where snakes dished up with fruit tremble and cocktail can be appreciated in the ocean breeze.Typically the most popular nigh spots are round Phi Phi Focus on Ton Sai Bay. A few of them are beachfront pubs providing desks and chairs on the beach, live music and fun getaway atmosphere.

Getting there and away
Regular boat trips from Krabi take 11/2 hours and from Phuket about an hour 40 minutes to 2 hours. The ferry from Phuket is normally popular and comfortable. Most standard hotels in Phi Phi provides land and ferry copy from Phuket. You are suggested to land in Phuket before 11.00am. to help make the ferry interconnection for 13.30 pm. There’s also copy in procedure from Ao Nang and Koh Lanta Yai.

Getting around
Phi Phi has lots of monitors and footpaths but no real streets, so making your way around is straightforward – walking or pass boat! The local “longtail” boats are like drinking water taxis and will take you wherever you want to go and await you if required. Prices vary and can be on a per person basis or complete boat fee depending on your trip and the amount of people. Talk with other travellers and always negotiate with a smile!

Most local shops and minimarts are run by local families so they often times stay available around 08.30 and close anytime between 21.00 -23.00. Most gift idea shops wide open 10.00-22.00 and dive shops usually close at 21.00. Bargain with good humour and you can get some better prices!Banks/Money

is the Thai Baht (see currency converter) Denominations are 1,000, 500, 100, 50 and 20 Baht records. Master greeting card and Visa are popular but American Exhibit is only accepted in the more costly hotels and stores. There’s a loan provider with a forex in Tonsai Bay, Phi Phi, but no ATM machine. However there are many ATM’s on Phuket island.Electricity
Exactly like the others of Thailand – 2 pin plug with 220 volts. Adapter can be found at most hardware stores plus some hotel retailers in Phuket. Buy one before you go to Phi Phi.

You should use the neighborhood postoffice for postcards and inbound mail, but if it is something important, it’s better to use the key post office buildings at Phuket or Krabi.
Cameras& Flim
ASA100-ASA400 can be obtained. In Tonsai Bay, a Kodak shop nearby the pier will standard developing.
Phones You will find consumer phones on the island. One is situated at the pier. Most tour agencies will help you to make both local and international demands a small demand.

Internet cafes are the most dependable source to check on e-mail as much of the hotels don’t have available mobile lines because of their customers. The area across the ferry in Tonsai has lots of Internet cafes.

Health and Medical Facilities
There are no hospitals on Phi Phi so any serious disease should be treated in Phuket where there are high grade international facilities. There’s a local health centre on Phi Phi island in Tonsai Bay. Please be insured before going to Thailand. Consult with your insurance provider which clinics they work with.
Sunburn and Sunstroke are the most frequent health issues so take the usual precautions – strong sunblock, wear a hat and drink lots of fluids.

Government Office
On Phuket. Start 08.30 and close 17.00. Dress well.
In the event that you overstay your visa or need an extension, you should contact the Immigration office on Phuket.

Tourist Police
Located close to the pier in Tonsai. The traveler law enforcement officials generally have somebody who speaks English.
Phuket AIRPORT TERMINAL departure duty 500 Baht. Check if your solution includes airport tax.
Local – 30 Baht (Phuket and Krabi Airports) Usually contained in the price of your ticket

Where you can Stay in phi phi island tours
A lot of the tourist accommodation and services on Phi Phi Don are located around Tonsai Bay, the key ferry vacation spot with the greater exclusive and upmarket hotels across the eastern and northern part. There exists nowhere to stay on Phi Phi Ley.
Accommodation varies from simple bungalows to upmarket international resorts. Through the high season (October to March) it isn’t possible to pre-book budget and standard accommodation. Prices are subject to demand and can be modified depending how many guests reach any particular time. If you wish to book beforehand, you can examine availability on this website.

Thai Holidays & Festivals
Many Thais travel during festivals and holidays, so boats can be packed and flights, especially from Bangkok, fully booked. Below are some of a lot more important festival times to check on with prior to making your travel programs.
January – New Time – Busy until around 6th January when it calms down!
February – Chinese New Year – varies with the calendar – around the next full moon. Ferries are occupied.
April 13/14/15 – Songkran Event or Thai New Year. This is actually the drinking water festivity when many Thais go back to their home. Don’t be prepared to travel easily for this time as buses, flights and ferries are incredibly busy. That is a major holiday in Thailand.
November Loy Kratong about the 12th. A beautiful celebration where floating kratongs (practically “leaf glass” with lighted candles are positioned on normal water to eliminate bad luck. Not too many people travelling at the moment of year.
December – Xmas – High season. Expect full flights, buses and active boats.

Phi Phi weather follows the same basic weather routine as Phuket.
October – March – Generally good weather, low rainfall and average temperatures 30-32C(90F)
April – May – Scorching and humid. Temperature reaching 38C(95F+)
June – Sept – Variable. Temperature average 30C (90F) About an 80% chance of rainwater in June and September, but remember, it generally does not rain all the time! Also the rainfall is warm and there are a few excellent value resort rooms in this year.

How to proceed:
1. Take a fishing boat tour

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Maya Bay

We did the Phi Phi Pirate Boat Travel and were quite pleased with the experience we’d. The boat travel included island hopping (we protected Monkey Beach, Viking Cave, Pileh Lagoon, Phi Phi Leh, and the very popular Maya Bay), kayaking, snorkeling and dinner. The boat travel was for 700 baht per head and worth every penny.

2. Go scuba

There are always a ton of diving companies that are easy to identify as you walk by the island. We didn’t wrap up going scuba diving, however, if you’re there and also have enough time for it, definitely consider doing it.

3. Hike up to the famous Phi Phi Viewpoint

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The view of the island from the viewpoint is unparalleled. The hike is not too difficult and workable in flip-flops. We went there right before sunset and witnessed the most amazing sunset I’ve ever before seen.

4. Have a long-tail boat ride

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If you’re in Thailand, you merely have to see being on the long-tail boat. Not only is it fun, but it addittionally produces good photos.

5. Go shopping

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The entire island is basically one shop after the next and is great for buying bikinis, clothes and souvenirs. Be sure to put your bargaining skills to test (I got a bikini for 350 baht).

6. Explore the nightlife

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We didn’t actually know this until we got there but Koh Phi Phi is known for its radiant nightlife. We visited this neon get together as of this place by the beach called Apache and there was good music, fire shows, rope jumping, limbo and other fun stuff.

7. Walk around the island

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That is kind of a no-brainer but the island is very small and can easily be explored by walking. Just walking around the complete island is the ultimate way to get a feel of Phi Phi.

8. Chill on the beach

Tips for anyone viewing Koh Phi Phi:
While we were researching the area prior to the trip, we were very confused with the countless island brands that showed up. Phi Phi Don is the key island, which is where you will be staying. The rest of the islands can be protected throughout the day and are accessible via boats.
Make sure to take a mosquito repellent (or you could just buy it on the island like we does) because there are several insects and mosquitos there.
None of them of the restaurants we went to served normal water so its better to carry your own normal water when you go out to eat (you can purchase it for a whole lot cheaper at a 7-Eleven).
We visited through the off-season, which explains why we didn’t encounter too many tourists, but in standard, travelers run rampant here.