Analyzing Lesli Stone

lesli stone

So IMK introduced us to a new character, Lesli Stone in 5b, but is she the Lesli that Mona knew or someone else?


She is Ashley Marin’s daughter. Ashley and Lesli both have Auburn hair, i’m not saying everyone with the same hair color should be related, but why could it be significant here? Could this be why she asked for Hanna and not because she’s a friend of Monas?

Emily said she never saw her at the memorial of her Grandmothers and Hanna questions how well Lesli actually knew her. I find it oddly uncomfortable when Lesli says to Hanna “You were all very precious to Mona” maybe she is talking about herself and how she sees them as dolls to play with?

Is she a Radley Patient? More Specifically is she this Radley patient?

Notice the mannequin in front of her, is it placed there for a reason?


Also when Big Rhonda says thief,  if you look closely, the ‘Lesli’ girl walks behind Aria, like she’s trying to get to the drawing but later walks away.

Lesli stone at radley

Radley Patient

Radley girls

Lesli Stone PLL


Marlene tweeted this with the caption “Those who pay attention know she was talking to Mona on the day she died” but Marlene never said the day Mona died, it has a double meaning that Lesli was talking to Mona on the day Lesli died, meaning she was/is Bethany. So what if Lesli became Mona’s friend knowing what Mona was planning to do to the girls, what if she led her on and then was betrayed by Lesli?

Her age is unknown, so she could be older than Mona, maybe Toby’s age.

Anagrams of Lesli Stone

Loneliest and Stolen Lies – Does this sound like a story plot about Bethany? Also Lesli could be the twin of Bethany’s and they are Ashley Marin and Byron Montgomery’s daughters and Aria and Hanna are connected that way?

Or is Lesli a friend of Sara Harvey’s who is trying to find out what happened to her?