Andrew and Lesli Theory

Andrew and Lesli Theory pll

This is just a short Theory. I’m not sure if Andrew is A. I actually think he knew Sara Harvey and is looking into what happened to her. I don’t know if he’s a relation to her or he’s her boyfriend but I think there are outsiders who want to get in on the action because their loved ones went missing too. Maybe the DiLaurentis’ and the Hastings knew Sara Harvey’s family from their trips on the farm.

andrew Cambell Pllj

Same with Sara I don’t think she is A, but I reckon Leslie could be a friend of Bethanys, Mona probably met her in Radley or she cold be helping Andrew because she is Sara’s friend Avery, who got a little depressed after her friend went missing. We saw Emily and Hanna visit Claire and her friend in Season 4, Claire mentioned that Avery was always sleeping and wouldn’t come out of her room.


You can read more on my Lesli theory here

What do you guys think? xoxo


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