A’s Motive

A's Motive Pll

A's Motive PllI’ve been wondering about A’s motives and I’ve mentioned this before that I don’t think the person who hit Ali is necessary A. I think A is protecting the person who hit Ali. Maybe there is a connection between them or they are lovers but wherever it is I think this might be the case.

IMK said we’ll feel sorry for A, because there is a reason behind why they are doing this. I’m sure that reason involves the person they love. I don’t even think A is killing anyone, I think someone else might be doing the killing but A is capitalising on this and taking the deaths on as their own to scare the girls.

Consider this:

If Toby is A, it could be because Marion hit Ali.

If Maya is A, it could be because Eddie hit Ali

If Wren is A, it could be because Melissa hit Ali

If Pastor Ted is A, it could be because Bethany hit Ali.

If Aria is A, it could be because Byron hit Ali

Everyone is protecting someone they love.

Who would admit to a death? No-one, so A can claim it. We saw Aria kill Shana, A has a hold over her, what if A has a hold over other people who have actually killed Mrs. D or Wilden for other reasons.

We know Aria killed Shana but what if it’s not the first time?

What if Spencer hit Bethany (She get’s a photo reel saying “You know me Spence, you killed me.”

Emily hit Sara (She had a flashback during hr therapy session)

Hanna hit Cece (That’s why RC burnt the Hanna doll)

Aria hit Ali? (She’s the most suss) Each girl has ‘killed’ before?

Could A’s motives come from one/all of this?

What do you think? Could this be the case?

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