Ashley Marin is Black Widow?

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Ashley Marin Black Widow

Hanna’s mom has always been strange, she’s so sullen and almost never happy it seems. When I re-watched the pilot, I found it odd that Hanna got away with stealing. We know Ashley and Wilden slept together but what if Ashley knew about Alison and knew about her body and she told Wilden about it.  Ashley was a realtor so I’m assuming she could have sold the house for Mrs. D and told the guys who were working there to dig up the gazebo for the new neighbors, she could have lied.

It seems odd that when Pastor Ted gave Ashley that flash drive, Ashley said to Hanna that there were things on there about her that she didn’t want anyone finding out about and I got the impression that she might have been having an affair with Wilden long before Hanna got arrested. I think Ali must have known too from watching the videos.

Ashley could have hit Ali to protect herself from the gossips and to protect Hanna.  What If Ashley thought she hit Ali but hit Bethany instead and then went to hit Ali? It would explain why the other person had blood on them too. Maybe Bethany was Cece’s twin and that’s why Ashley sees twins because she killed one of them. Black Widow also sent those flowers to Bethany’s Parents, is it because she is guilty?

Ashley could have gone to Wilden’s funeral as Black Widow.

Maybe someone knows and is getting back at Ashley by punishing Hanna for what her mom did to Ali?

When we see Black Widow show her burnt mask, she puts the doll in the doll house in a gentle manner like she’s keeping them safe. When we saw Red Coat she burnt the side of the Hanna doll face. Maybe Black Widow and Red Coat are in two separate teams?

Marlene did say we will feel sorry for A when we find out why they are A. Could Ashley be Big A?

The Gif is found from this Tumblr