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Bethany is A


 Whoever hit Ali was also bleeding. Ali lies a lot so don’t believe her side of the story, no one else has told the story so we don’t even know if it was Ali that was hit or whether she was watching everything. Maybe Mona is not dead, she used to take blood from herself a lot, maybe it was staged. Yes I know we saw her but she could

Wren drawing


 Could red coat be someone we have already seen. Wren drew a picture of red coat with black hair (left). That doesn’t look like one of the girls or anyone their age. Who are the kids and is that the father in the picture. We know that Jessica used to take Bethany out to the farm, could the little girl be Bethany Young. That would make the little boy in

Mona dead


 Who is A? There are so many clues, so many twists, so many As. In the last episode of PLL, Through a Glass, Darkly, we saw A take Mona’s laptop from Aria. A lured Aria somewhere alone using Mike’s cellphone where he/she could steal the laptop. How did A get a hold of Mike’s cellphone? Why did A pause when going to attack Aria? Was it Mike that stole his

pll theories


  This is a far-fetched theory and I hope it makes sense. BEFORE ‘THAT NIGHT’ Ali is getting texts from A (anonymous) this is Mona because Ali bullied her and made her feel like crap. Ali is not stupid, she finds out it’s Mona but she wants to play the game too so she gets Cece to help. Before that she is plotting a way to make herself disappear, she

Trust me, I'm lying


 It’s occurred to me that the writers of PLL use film and song references that tie in with the story surrounding A. Here are some of the most prominent ones. For some I have included some theories 🙂 We’ll start with Season 5B because it’s the recent one. Ep. 14 Through a Glass, Darkly is a film about a woman, Marin, who is living on a family island with her husband,

Night Bethany Young found


 At the night of Alison’s disappearance in Pretty Little Liars, we see two different personalities in Alison, one that cares for Spencer’s addiction and the other that wants to control Ian, Jenna and Garrett. In this episode, Alison’s mum leaves clothes for her with a note that read ‘Great color for you – Mom‘. This could be sent by Bethany because when Bethany wrote to Alison, she said yellow is her favourite colour and