Bethany is A.D and Spencer’s twin

spencer pll season 7

Okay so I’ve said in the past that Spencer has a twin and Bethany Young is A, but until now I haven’t linked the two together. In my video I mentioned that Spencer holds the key to everything and now I really think that’s the case now and Bethany Young is Spencer’s twin!!

Spencer’s character has always been at the forefront of everything, we all thought it was Aria, but the main person in the show was always Spence.

Marlene even says it all began in Radley, hence the starting point.

Dr Cochran said he dealt with 2 of Mary Drake’s babies: the twins, Bethany and Spencer.

Bethany/Spencer’s dad could be:

  • Peter Hastings – He is the lawyer dad that stops everyone from knowing about everyone else.
  • Scott Montgomery – We saw those twins in the Montgomery family album, could be a hint.
  • Mr. Marin – Because it’s obvious that Uber A hates Hanna and we always see the twins around the Marin family.

When we see those little girl twins in Ali’s story, one kills the other because she won’t let her play with her dolls – I think Bethany hated Spencer because she was part of a group of girls that Bethany secretly wanted to be part of. That’s the reason she hates the girls so much.

Maybe when Jenna came into town Bethany thought she could become friends with her, when she went to see Jenna Ali threw the firework in, it not only blinded Jenna but disfigured Bethany’s face. Maybe since then she had to wear veils and masks and that’s why she hates Ali so much.

Season 4, Episode 23: Mrs Hastings says we didn’t know who was coming down to breakfast, Spencer or your evil twin!! That’s the biggest clue AND Melissa always had that picture of her and those twins maybe it was a clue that her sisters were twins!!

melissas laptop

Spencer also got a note saying, you know me Spence, you killed me – A note from Bethany?

In the dollhouse, Spencer was the one that came face to face with ‘Charles’, which I think was not CeCe but Bethany.

I think Bethany’s sad story will be that she was given away to a home where she wasn’t loved. She was forced to be apart from her twin, not even knowing her twin existed. She didn’t have the friends that Spencer did and her face got disfigured by Ali and the girls.

I think A.D probably means Alice Drake, Bethany Young’s real name.

If Bethany’s face is not disfigured, I think Bethany could be the Spencer we now see, and who was switched with at the dollhouse. After all Spencer started that board game without the girls, she probably let out that puff of air when Caleb tried to lift the building on the board as well. And she could have been the one that went out with Caleb and now hates Hanna because he’s back with her.

It’s also by Mrs D was creeping around Spencer because she’s the only one who knew the truth as soon as Mrs D died Bethany came back. She probably killed her too.

Spencer also wears the same dress as the person in the coffin in the opening PLL credits. Photo credit goes to Analyzing A.

Spencer promo dress same