Bethany is A theory

Night Bethany Young found

At the night of Alison’s disappearance in Pretty Little Liars, we see two different personalities in Alison, one that cares for Spencer’s addiction and the other that wants to control Ian, Jenna and Garrett. In this episode, Alison’s mum leaves clothes for her with a note that read ‘Great color for youMom‘. This could be sent by Bethany because when Bethany wrote to Alison, she said yellow is her favourite colour and the letter and the note both have the same handwriting. If you watch the episode of Alison’s disappearance, you will also notice that Alison has straight hair in some scenes and curly hair in others, is this because Alison and Bethany were both there that night? Alison also wears a bracelet with her name on it but why does she have it on her left hand and other times on her right hand, because Bethany was also around that night! When Melissa confessed to burying the person she thought was Bethany, we see that Bethany is wearing the exact same clothes as Alison and is also wearing Alison’s bracelet on her right hand. In the episode when Alison is hit on the head with a rock, Mrs DiLaurentis is on the phone to someone, possibly someone in Radley, she says they need to call 911. Mrs DiLaurentis knew that one of the patients escaped and she warned Alison not to go out that night. The patient could have been Bethany.

Mrs DiLaurentis and Marion Cavanaugh could be twin sisters. We know that Jessica had an affair with Bethany’s dad, Toby’s dad? This could be the reason that Marion went mental and was admitted to Radley. This could also be the reason Mrs DiLaurentis joined the board at Radley Sanitarium to keep an eye on her sister. Bethanys drawings showed that she hated Mrs DiLaurentis. Mrs D. owes her sister for the trouble she caused.

Alison could be Bethany and Toby’s half sister as Mrs DiLaurentis had an affair with their dad. This would be the reason that Alison and Bethany look very alike.

When Bethany and Marion were both reunited in Radley, Bethany could finally take out her hatred towards her mother for keeping her child a secret because Bethany was mentally ill. Mrs D. could have been in on Marion’s death to keep her sister away from her troubled daughter Bethany and be with Toby. There was a picture of the devil taking a boy and a girl running behind. Is this a picture of Toby being taken away by Marion and Bethany running behind?

Back to the night of Alison’s disappearance, we saw Alison walking home and Mrs DiLaurentis watched from the window, when Ali was hit on the side of her head Mrs D ran outside shouting “what have you done?” could she be speaking to her sister, Marion, who hit Alison on the head because she thought it was Bethany who escaped from Radley as she was wearing the same outfit as Alison that night, so Mrs D. buried her own daughter to protect her sister.

The reason it wasn’t Bethany that hit Alison is because we know that Melissa buried her that night thinking she was Alison and this was just before Alison walked home.

A later sent Alison the text “I buried your mom the same way I watched her bury you”. Could this be Alison and Cece’s secret pretending to be A to get away with burying her mother who they thought was part of the A team. Why did Alison come back after her mother was gone? Was Alison afraid of her mother after what happened?

Cece could have also helped Alison get rid of Mona.

The lady in black could have been Marion Cavanaugh, who came to Mrs D’s, funeral.

Carla Grunwald also looks very similar to the DiLaurentis ladies, could she be Alison’s grandmother who wants to protect her from A, is this why she is keen on helping the girls find A?

Do you think Bethany is A?