Bloody Hell Recap and Holly Varjak Clues

Cat Reference pll

Wow, what an episode right! So Spencer goes to London, has her interview with Oxford. I;m guessing she probably won’t get in because of that bloody mess. All in the time that Emily teaches a frustrated Talia how to dance and Aria and Hanna go find out who the burn victim is. Should really have guessed it would be Cyrus, considering he was a pretty useless character on the show.

Hanna’s mom gets engaged, finally! And I wonder what Spencer’s mom found to keep Spencer away.

So A or A’s minion hides out in the hospital and waits for Aria and Hanna to get there, from the body frame, it looked like it could be Toby or Eddie, with Toby being absent quite a bit in PLL, I’m guessing he can afford to be hiding out as a mummy.

Ali’s back, although she was never gone to be fair. I just have a feeling that Ali is lying to everyone about everything, including the story she told about the girls about what happened that night. She discovered that Mona told A everything, which is obviously why A is A. Who can get in and out of a correctional facility, you would either have to work there or be a policeman….Hint, Hint, Toby. But I don’t think Toby is Head A. I found something relating to Varjak, we all know Ali had a passport with the name Holly Varjak, now was it because she liked Breakfast at Tiffany’s or did she read Holly Varjak, the cat story…Ok wait hear me out.

varjack pll

This is Holly Varjak…Yes i know it’s a cat, but look at the eyes….Do they look similar to the Emily mask, different eyes?

Holly Varjak pll

Read this….

Holly is a black and white she-cat who accompanies Varjak on his quests. Holly knows the city more than Varjak does, so she leads him most of the time. Holly was impresed by the way that Varjak fights and hunts so she is unafraid to be with him. She is fierce and knows not to trust anyone she doesn’t know, which is the right thing to do. Luckily she gained Varjak’s friendship, as he now keeps her safe from any harm. Holly knows what she is doing and is always prepared for danger. With her quick thinking Varjak is not afraid to take risks.

This is the story of Varjak…

Varjak, whose amber eyes (called the color of danger) set him apart from his family, listens to his grandfather’s tales of the Outside. His older brother Julius constantly bullies him. None of his family care to venture into the outside world, for they are happy and contented inside, being fed by the old woman known as the Contessa. One day, a Gentleman appears inside the house with two black cats acting in synchronized motions. Contessa had died. He seems to take care of the cats, but when Varjak and his grandfather venture outside and his grandfather tells him stories of the mysterious Jalal the Paw.

Varjak runs into a cat gang, Ginger’s gang. He is immediately beaten up. When he travels into the evil Sally Bones’ territory, he learns of the villain. Varjak discovers that Sally Bones knows a lot about the way, more than him. She is surprised that he knows anything about Jalal.

Varjak finds a grotesque toy cat inside a cardboard box and it has every aspect of a real cat.

Then I thought remember how PLL shows cats in Season 3 Ep 8.

Cat Reference pll

Look at the plot for the horror film Cat People

The Cat People originated way back in time, when humans sacrificed their women to leopards, who mated with them. Cat People look similar to humans, but must mate with other Cat People before they transform into panthers. Irene Gallier was raised by adoptive parents and meets her older brother Paul for the first time since childhood. We follow brother and sister – who seem to be the only ones of their kind left

Here is what Joseph Dougherty says about the PLL episode Shadow Play:

“Laura” is a 1944 thriller directed by Otto Preminger, which heavily influences the “Pretty Little Liars” episode, alongside some references to the 1942 horror film “Cat People,” the 1955 mystery “The Big Combo” and several Orson Welles projects. “I wanted not to make it just a collection of quotes,” says Dougherty. “I wanted to get the feeling in your bones for this heightened world.”

Could this be about Toby and Bethany (his sister) who is Head A and Toby is doing everything she asks?

Also found this…but don’t know if it’s relevant…Look at the author….Who knows where Marlene gets her ideas from!

holly varjak pll

What do you guys think? xoxo

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