Byron Montgomery

Byron montgomery

I was shocked when Mona died, I had to go back and do my homework like Marlene tweeted! I thought Mona was A well at least one of them. I watched the earlier episodes again and found something interesting. In season 3 episode 16, ‘Misery Loves Company’, Byron was accused of Alison’s murder, I looked closely as he walked down the stairs in the basement I noticed that he was wearing the same trousers and shoes as Mona’s killer. Look at the images below.

Byron in S3 Ep16

byrons shoes byrons shoes

Mona’s killer







Byron could be the one that hit Bethany with the hockey stick look at the next images, there is a shovel behind him

byron_flashback byron_flashback2

and, when he is facing them, he pauses. He seems like he thinks about picking up the shovel to hit Alison but when he turns back to her, Melissa walks out of her house on the phone and interrupts his thoughts so he walks away from Alison. I think he hit Bethany accidentally when he came back for Alison but because the two girls were wearing the same clothes that night he didn’t know who he hit, he thought it was Alison and he left without checking. After Alison went missing, the Montgomerys went away for a year conveniently! We were made to think it was for the benefit of Aria losing Alison and Byron leaving Meredith behind but Byron wanted to get away from what he had done.

So why did he kill Mona? Aria discussed Mike and Mona’s relationship with Byron she said “Dad, Mike and Mona is a very bad idea” (Season 5 episode 11) this was the episode before the one where Mona was killed. He did it to protect his family.

Look at the notes below.

note-a byron_writing

The note from Byron looks very similar to the note from A, the same handwriting, both sign the note with a hyphen –

Now look at Ian’s suicide note, seem similar right!


I also think that Byron was Bethany’s dad, he hit Bethany thinking it was Alison that night.

We know Byron has pictures of twins in his house. The background of his house looks like the background in the twin story that Alison told. What if Bethany told Alison who her dad was, maybe that’s why Ali was blackmailing him? She ‘knew too much’.

Eddie Lamb recognized Aria, what that because Bethany was her sister/twin?

Mrs Grunwald said that ‘one of you has been touched by the one she fears most’ we are made to think it’s Ezra, but could it be Aria’s dad.

We know that Alison mentioned Byron in her diary. We know PLL used references from books and Ali was obsessed with the book Lolita, in which a professor has an affair with an underage girl and surprisingly enough in the book he leaves town after Lolita disappears.


Also Bethany could be Claire (Sara Harvey’s friend in the image below) when she visited Emily she told her how Sara made her feel and that she could murder her herself. I think Bethany knew about Sara and Byron’s affair but Byron murdered Sara Harvey.


Bethany also fits into Red Coat’s figure.

Byron Montgomery might not be Uber A but he sure is a murderer!

  • Taylor Rossi

    Hello 🙂
    I’ve read all your theories and there pretty good and very interesting.
    Im in the process of compelling a giant list of clues and theories to make my own theory of who I think A, red coat, black widow, the killers, and who is really alive/dead lol.
    But I loved reading your theories/clues and can’t wait to read more! 🙂

    • PLL Theories

      Hi Taylor, I’m really pleased that you like our theories, we’re always posting theories on Twitter too, we would love to follow you on Twitter and see how you get on!

  • PLL Theories

    Hi Taylor, I’m really pleased that you like our theories, we’re always posting theories on Twitter too, we would love to follow you on Twitter and see how you get on!

  • Sool Torres

    I have a problem with the letters, all look similar, but look this pic. It’s a check signed by Jason, it’s the same letter. I don’t know if means that the same character wrote this or someone who works there writes everything, because it’s a show, don’t forget. But i’m not sure, i’m really confused.

    • PLL Theories

      I don’t think they are similar because have a look at how Jason and how A writes the ‘ t ‘ and ‘ f ‘. In the letter, every T is a capital T but Jason doesn’t write like that. Also, I think the producers would definitely keep the writing in sync, because these are clues and they wouldn’t want to mess that up! 🙂

      • Sool Torres

        I think the same, it’s an important clue the letters, althouthg all letters look little similar for me :p Look this!

        • PLL Theories

          Good spot! I hadn’t noticed this on some of the other letters! Join us on Twitter?

          • Sool Torres

            Followed 🙂
            And what you thing about this?

          • PLL Theories

            I’m not sure about Bethany’s letter but the other two definitely have a resemblance, that means Mona could still be playing A

          • Sool Torres

            Maybe, so many clues, so many suspects. I can’t wait for a new episode!

          • PLL Theories

            Me neither! You can subscribe to our newsletters and keep updated of our new theories!

      • ‘H’

        What if all the Ts are capital because its another clue… Toby?

  • Elise

    Look at the not from A about the lion a did their Al’s like this L but on Ian’s suicide not the L’s are like this l That’s why I don’t think a is Byron but someone copying his hand writing

    • Clara

      Or someone who has the same writing like a brother… Behind Charlotte vault a frame there is a birth paper of two baby boys born in the 70s (so 45 yo now) one is named Jason Matthew and the other Rodney Tedd. Tedd. Who is Tedd in pll ? Ted the pastor, aka Cece’s father who could want to know who killed his daughter right ? And remember what Ella said when she stopped dating Tedd ? That he looked too much like her husband aka Byron so what if ? What if they were brothers with mental illness ? One wants revenge and the other almost killed Alison maybe because he is Bethany’s dad and he changed his name si no one could recognize him ? Idk I came across the pic today and it made sense

  • ‘H’

    Lord Byron the famous poet also had a child out of wedlock and was a notorious womanizer. I think he is definitely part of the bigger story but not A

  • annon

    Personally, I always thought it was Noel but the other day I started watching PLL from the beginning to gather more clues as to who A is and I suddenly thought of Byron. We’ve met him a few times and so have we A, notice how he disappears a lot and when Aria and her friends were in the doll house he wasn’t around, maybe he was there torturing them? And also if you watched season 6 episode 9, the way Alison said ‘Oh my god…’ at the end was as if no one thought of him, too many people are too obvious so if you think about it Marlene wont make it obvious. Anyway, there are my other people but I’m getting suspicious on Byron.