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 Firstly can we take the moment to appreciate the liars’ dresses! And another for the stunning moms! OMG, after 6 years we are now only 6 days away from knowing who A is. That’s a freakin’ bittersweet, because it’s been such a long time coming and next week’s episode will be over in a flash because we won’t have time to breath. Okay so this Rhys, Jason looky-likey, I don’t

pretty little liars book 2


 Have anyone read the Pretty Little Liars books?  I’m on book 4 and I thought if anyone wants to read them, here’s breakdown of what’s in which book, so you can start from the beginning or go to a particular number. Don’t worry, no spoilers! Book 1 – Pretty Little Liars View the US version – View the UK version This is the night Alison goes missing.  The liars are unhappy and

marion cavanaugh


  Just a quick post. I watched the several times, doesn’t it seem like there are two woman’s voices? The first one says Freddy, then Mrs. D says her line then at the end, the other voice says: “Play nice now okay?” She also says, “nice job you guys, nice singing Freddy” I think this is definitely Marion, she knew about Freddy and was either paid to keep quiet or he was her son. I

Marion is BW


 Now that we are getting close to the finale, I feel like we have a lot of clues to piece some stuff together but there are so many pieces to the Puzzle! Some if it I’ve said in previous posts so may be a bit repetitive. I thought of this theory after listening to Spencer telling Toby how his mum wanted to be with her family and she hadn’t been

Pll summer finale


  A looks petite, so is A a girl, Bethany or could it be a petite guy like Johnny Raymond? Could Johnny be Charles? Johnny is in his 20’s, he likes art, maybe Marion could have taught him at Radley he drew a rat mural when he took Spencer out. He had an unpleasant exchange with Toby. We saw a flashback of him looking at Spencer in Season 1 x

kenneth pll


 So someone leaves a birthday card on Mr DiLaurentis’ car windscreen, was it to him or for someone else, Charles? What’s the deal with Charles, is he dead or alive. What does he want from the girls, has he actually killed anyone. Is he just trying to teach them a lesson or make them feel sympathy for what he has been through. If Charles is alive, then Carol could be buried in her

A's soul room


 Radley is creepy,  there is no two ways about it. But just how creepy is it? In Charles’ file, Spencer reads that he died and his organs were donated. Now Whilst he may sound crazy, what if something along these lines actually happened? Have a read of this article I found. Is this where the PLL writers got the idea from? It is about a mental hospital in Maryland was used as

PLL Season 6 Finale


 Whoever Charles is, whether alive or dead, he is/was working with Black Widow. I don’t know if it’s mutual or if one is blackmailing the other. Someone sent me this from Pretty Little Liars xxxx Tumblr. Photo 1: Once you know what someone cares about, it’s easy to beat them, to separate them. Just like in chess. I lure each one and I isolate each of them, and knock them off

sara harvey


 Okay so Sara probably is Sara but what if her twin was Bethany? We know Bethany was in Radley, probably the time Charles was there. They must have met. Charles tells Bethany his story. They become friends. Bethany was younger so maybe he thought of her as his sister Ali. Maybe Bethany told Sara she had escaped and wants to meet. Charles sends Ali the yellow top, Bethany sends Sara

spencer killed charles


 Why does A make Spencer out to be a murderer?:- In Season 6 Episode 4 Don’t Look Now Spencer gets her flashbacks from the dollhouse. She was seen with blood all over her clothes and blood all over the floor, she looks at the camera and shouts “What have I done!”. It’s all starting to make sense now, we find out that Charles is REALLY dead! Have a look at my previous post

A is nurse child


 I’ve been watching Pll episodes again and I’ve found some things that have given me reAson to think Marion is black widow, that Ali had planned to disappear and that this has been planned from the beginning and Cece should not be trusted at all. I explain everything below. Marion is alive (I’ve done a similar theory on Marion is Alive before but this one is updated) and Toby knows

Wren is Charles


 I know there are many Wren clues, but I found a few more that have me convinced that Charles is Wren. In s3:1 when Hannah went to visit Mona, she was reading a magazine and she says “this thing is full of birds, it’s all about feathers this season”. So feathers, Birds of a feather, Wren is the name of a bird. In fact the Wren bird has many links



 Jason knew Charles as Charlie, Mr.D lied and said he didn’t know anything and at the end of the last episode we see him telling Ali and Jason something that sounded like he knew Charlie. I actually think Charles is really dead and someone is getting revenge on the family for him. Let’s say that Charles was another man’s child, or even another family’s child, what if one of his

pll babies


 What if Charles thinks he is a DiLaurentis but he is actually a Hastings? Mrs D took Jason and Peter took Melissa whilst Charles was sent away. This is valid a reason for us to feel sorry for him, knowing that none of the parents wanted him but kept his brother and sister. What if all Charles wanted was to be loved but Mrs. D never gave him the chance?

Game on Charles - Pll Recap


  What a freaking’ episode! That kept me on the edge of my seat the whole way through, and I’m so glad it’s all developing now and quite fast. So from last night’s episode we finally saw that Sara Harvey was Alive. Does this mean that the girl in Ali’s back yard really was Bethany Young? (Personally I wouldn’t rule out Bethany yet) Which could mean one of the liars

mona pll


 I thought about the clue of the dollhouse that Marlene posted, have a look: The doll at the top is dressed in the yellow top and jeans and look who is wearing the crown and look at Mona in the Season 5 finale, she wears the crown to the prom and she is wearing the same clothes as the doll. How does Mona know everything about the house, she said

Alex is Charles?


 The PLL Season 6 premier is only 9 days away!! Which means getting back in to posting! I’ve been analyzing the characters that Spencer has gotten close to and Alex from Season 1 popped up. There are not so many clues because he was only in 5 episodes but enough to make him look suspicious! Alex first shows up at the Country Club that Spenser’s family go to. He sees

M Pll


 If you haven’t seen the new season 6 promo for PLL, brace yourself! Have a peek: The thing that stood out to me was this: I had a thought that what if Mrs. D never had Marion killed but locked up by Charles?  Or Charles was blackmailing Mrs.D for some reason? From this it looks like someone who we think is dead has actually been locked up, maybe it’s Maya

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 I wonder if Charles is none other than Mrs. D’s brother. What if the twin story that Ali told was of Charles and Jessica, just metaphorically, they Mrs. D stabbed him in the back…. for Money? Maybe Charles is Toby’s real father, Toby did pause when Spencer showed him this….Could that knife belong to Charles? Is this why Toby became a cop? To start looking in to this? Mrs. D

Everything you need to know about Charles


 Where does Charles fit in? What about everything that happened that night. Mrs DiLaurentis wrote ‘I can’t protect you anymore’, who would she protect after hitting her own daughter, the only person you would bury your daughter for is another child or your sibling and it would make sense if that person did it out of having a mental illness Mrs DiLaurentis received a call that night, she knew that someone escaped from Radley, what

Pll william blake


 The titles for PLL Season 6, episodes 602/03 are called Songs of experience and Songs of Innocence; this is the title of William Blake’s famous poetry book. William Blake was an English poet and he was a deeply spiritual thinker. The more I think about A and his actions and motives the more it ties in with everything in this book. If you haven’t read Songs of Innocence and Experience,

Charles pll


 Short theory on Charles IF Charles is the boy who kissed the little baby, then I’m guessing this boy could be Toby’s older brother and Marion’s son. Marion was forced to put her son into Radley because of some altercation between him and another child, probably was sent there when something was not actually his fault. Maybe he did something to Jason and Mr Hastings found out and got little

Harold pll


 Has anyone suspected anything of this Harold Crane character? I mean, one minute he is the Innkeeper of a creepy motel lot and then he’s wandering around as a high school janitor? Firstly he knew about Mona’s Lair, I mean she kept a lot of things in that room, enough for him to snoop through. He shows up in an episode named UnmAsked as a Norman Bates type character and