Why Ezra Is connected to Bethany and A.D


 Eddie Lamb gave Ezra Bethany’s drawing (S5,E7) Ezra had money, he could easily pay someone to create that game for him and he can pay to keep an eye on the girls. One of the pictures Bethany supposedly drew shows a blonde that looks like Charlotte with what looks to 2 boys, my bet is that this is Ezra and Wren and either a therapist or Mary drake. Bethany drew

Ezra Uber A


  I’ve never done a full theory on Ezra before, simply because there were so many out there, I didn’t have an angle. But after watching 6B, i feel he could be a good contender for Uber A. I just feel he was so shady in the opening episode that there could be some evil lurking in him after all. Here’s my short but sweet theory, because i’m treating 6B