pretty little liars book 2


 Have anyone read the Pretty Little Liars books?  I’m on book 4 and I thought if anyone wants to read them, here’s breakdown of what’s in which book, so you can start from the beginning or go to a particular number. Don’t worry, no spoilers! Book 1 – Pretty Little Liars View the US version – View the UK version This is the night Alison goes missing.  The liars are unhappy and

mona pll


 I thought about the clue of the dollhouse that Marlene posted, have a look: The doll at the top is dressed in the yellow top and jeans and look who is wearing the crown and look at Mona in the Season 5 finale, she wears the crown to the prom and she is wearing the same clothes as the doll. How does Mona know everything about the house, she said

Mona is still A


 So I’ve been wondering about A and I know Marlene says she’ll shock us, I would like to hope it’s quite a big shock, especially for someone who writes theories because it’s fun but somehow I’d still like it to be a complete like wow, jaw on the floor type ending. Whilst I could hope for that, I somehow would love if A was and has always been Mona. We’ve

pll theories


  This is a far-fetched theory and I hope it makes sense. BEFORE ‘THAT NIGHT’ Ali is getting texts from A (anonymous) this is Mona because Ali bullied her and made her feel like crap. Ali is not stupid, she finds out it’s Mona but she wants to play the game too so she gets Cece to help. Before that she is plotting a way to make herself disappear, she