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 This was made to look like new guy Jason lookalike, Rhys Matthews (below) but I wonder if the producers have cleverly put it together so it looks like Rhys but is actually Sara Harvey, why else would they cut her beautiful long blond hair on the show! So, Sara Harvey could be working with Charles? Remember this taken in Emily’s bedroom whilst Sara was sleeping, I suspect Charles/Red Coat planned it

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 Have anyone read the Pretty Little Liars books?  I’m on book 4 and I thought if anyone wants to read them, here’s breakdown of what’s in which book, so you can start from the beginning or go to a particular number. Don’t worry, no spoilers! Book 1 – Pretty Little Liars View the US version – View the UK version This is the night Alison goes missing.  The liars are unhappy and

sara harvey


 Okay so Sara probably is Sara but what if her twin was Bethany? We know Bethany was in Radley, probably the time Charles was there. They must have met. Charles tells Bethany his story. They become friends. Bethany was younger so maybe he thought of her as his sister Ali. Maybe Bethany told Sara she had escaped and wants to meet. Charles sends Ali the yellow top, Bethany sends Sara

Sara harvey


 So we still don’t know how Sara got caught up in this mess but I have a theory. What if Sara was secretly dating Wilden? Maybe he was also dating Melissa at the same time and Cece caught them, she wanted to expose her to Melissa so she planned something to call her to Rosewood and mess with her. Is that why Wilden said to Emily’s mum he knew how Emily

sara harvey


  My first Sara Harvey Theory! Let me know what you guys think in the comments below. Thanks to Georgie Thunder for our conversation via twitter which lead to the video. If you have a theory, you can submit through my website. xoxo