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 Okay so I’ve said in the past that Spencer has a twin and Bethany Young is A, but until now I haven’t linked the two together. In my video I mentioned that Spencer holds the key to everything and now I really think that’s the case now and Bethany Young is Spencer’s twin!! Spencer’s character has always been at the forefront of everything, we all thought it was Aria, but



 Spencer has an unknown twin. She is AD.We know Spencer was born in Radley to Mary Drake. Mary Drake is a twin so having twins is very likely. In the episode where Hanna is trapped in a room by AD,she had a”dream” that Spencer comes to see her. In this”dream”, Hanna says that she thinks this A is smarter than the others. Then Spencer says, “you told them the truth

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 Ok….So I can’t get over the chin dimples in the Dilaurentis family, notice that Spencer and Mary have it, you can see a resemblance, Spencer is Mary’s child? So i was watching season 6 episode 2 and Dean….the boy from rehab aka (Spencer’s friend) and him n Spencer look a lot alike!!! I also have another theory that Mona’s friend who was in Radley, the crazy girl who testified, Leslie – I’m thinking

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 Hey dolls! Welcome to Season 7! What did you guys think of the first episode? I loved it because it put the spotlight on one of my favourite characters: Spencer. There was something alarming about the scene with Hanna and the Spencer hallucination. Out of that, was born this theory: I think Marlene is staying true to the books, but she is using Spencer as the twin in the show.

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 Have anyone read the Pretty Little Liars books?  I’m on book 4 and I thought if anyone wants to read them, here’s breakdown of what’s in which book, so you can start from the beginning or go to a particular number. Don’t worry, no spoilers! Book 1 – Pretty Little Liars View the US version – View the UK version This is the night Alison goes missing.  The liars are unhappy and



 I noticed Maddie’s dance was relevant to the show because in it she was telling us what happened. This is how opera scenes are played out. watching this, I don’t think Marion died. And I think Maddie is playing out Spencer’s reality when she was young. I’m not saying that little girl is Spencer, I’m saying it’s supposed to trigger her memory. There was one summer Spencer doesn’t remember and

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 Why does A make Spencer out to be a murderer?:- In Season 6 Episode 4 Don’t Look Now Spencer gets her flashbacks from the dollhouse. She was seen with blood all over her clothes and blood all over the floor, she looks at the camera and shouts “What have I done!”. It’s all starting to make sense now, we find out that Charles is REALLY dead! Have a look at my previous post

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  You may think yesterday’s episode didn’t give away much clues but there was some very interesting things going on that revealed some big give-aways about the liars and their personalities.. I’ll go into this later after a short recap – Spoilers if you have not seen the new episode! So the girls are all back home, and I loved the emotions that were flowing in the episode. So Charles