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 Ok….So I can’t get over the chin dimples in the Dilaurentis family, notice that Spencer and Mary have it, you can see a resemblance, Spencer is Mary’s child? So i was watching season 6 episode 2 and Dean….the boy from rehab aka (Spencer’s friend) and him n Spencer look a lot alike!!! I also have another theory that Mona’s friend who was in Radley, the crazy girl who testified, Leslie – I’m thinking

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 Toby is A and Toby’s Mum is Jessica’s sister making Toby and Alison cousins. Charles is Toby’s twin/brother and also Jason’s and Ali’s cousin. C.Cauvanaugh (written in Jenna’s visitor book) stands for Charles Cavanaugh rather than Charles DiLaurentis. Their biological father is Ken DiLaurentis, which is what caused Marion and Jessica to fall out. Bethany is also Toby’s sister. She killed someone when she was very young and was sent to

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 Have anyone read the Pretty Little Liars books?  I’m on book 4 and I thought if anyone wants to read them, here’s breakdown of what’s in which book, so you can start from the beginning or go to a particular number. Don’t worry, no spoilers! Book 1 – Pretty Little Liars View the US version – View the UK version This is the night Alison goes missing.  The liars are unhappy and

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 I wonder if Charles is none other than Mrs. D’s brother. What if the twin story that Ali told was of Charles and Jessica, just metaphorically, they Mrs. D stabbed him in the back…. for Money? Maybe Charles is Toby’s real father, Toby did pause when Spencer showed him this….Could that knife belong to Charles? Is this why Toby became a cop? To start looking in to this? Mrs. D

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 Everything is never as it seems in Rosewood. I was looking at the footage that Spencer was watching again and I noticed that Mrs. D only tells one of the boys to kiss his sister goodnight, she says good boys but that doesn’t mean they are both hers. Which makes me think the other little boy is not her son but it’s the person who is behind the camera’s son.

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 In Season 2 Ep.4 when Spencer goes to the pawn shop, after she comes out, the girls are in a alley and at the back there is a poster of this… Dr. Lars Thorwald is a character from Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window, yep the same name as our beloved coffee house on PLL. the film. In the film he is suspected by his neighbor of killing his wife.  I

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 Toby has always been very mysterious, don’t you think? Throughout seasons 1 and 2 of PLL, the girls have suspected Toby and accused him of a lot of things. One of the biggest PLL clues were that the girls always think of this person. Now there’s this Johnny Raymond guy, is he the new Spoby, Spohnny? Are the producers tearing Spoby apart so that we won’t need to feel sorry for Spencer

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 I’m saying that Chris Cavanaugh is Toby Cavanaugh’s TWIN! Here’s why: Look at this Radley sign in sheet, what other reason would A get rid of it, it had his name on it, C. Cavanaugh. Alison said that Toby was looking into her room when she called him a ‘perv’, it wasn’t Toby it was Chris and he was watching her and this is how A watched everyone. Toby came with

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 I’ve done a post before on Toby is A, but now I’ve got more evidence on reasons why Toby is A or at least be the twin. Toby has motive We know how much he hated Alison. When she went to see him in the Juvenile center, he said he would help whoever is sending her the texts. What if he did find out and he is helping them? Also

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 In “Fresh Meat” the episode started with Toby walking into the Police Department, suspiciously the same way that A walks. Why did he join the PD? Same reason he joined team A? Was it to help the girls or because he knew Alison would be there and he didn’t want to be a suspect. If A wanted to kill Alison, surely it is very easy to, A wants to play