Cece is A – Spoiler post

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Okay so I definitely wasn’t expecting that! I mean firstly, they actually went with a transgender plot because, no we saw Mrs.D say, good boy in the video.

Sara freakin’ Harvey was red coat and black widow. Are you kidding me! The body type doesn’t match and the Cece clues are not strong enough, I’m sorry but everything was a coincidence.

I’ve always had faith in Marlene but I have to say I feel like it was thrown together in the end because maybe they didn’t want people to guess who A was.

So we didn’t get all our questions answered, because here are some I would like answers to:

What happened to Maya? Did Nate really kill her then? And what did Maya know?

Why did Mrs. D go after Spencer?

Did Wren know about Cece, Charles, Charlotte, A, bitch, it? Although I don’t like the qonotation to this now.

Why did we see Melissa talking to Cece that night?

Who killed Mrs. D?

How did Cece get into the prison,  and why have Ali beaten up when she’s her sister?

Why is there no date on Marion’s memorial?

Why was Wilden trying to find Ali’s killer when he knew who it was?

What happened to the other person pulled out that night?

Why did Grunwald say one of you has been touched by the one Ali fears?

Why was Garrett even in the show?

Why did Eddie recognize Aria? And why did he have beef with Wren?

Why did Sara/black Veil have a burnt mask?

Why did Black Veil send flowers to Bethany’s parents? Why would Cece ask her when she wanted to hit Bethany that Night? It’s not like she would care, otherwise she wouldn’t be A.

Is Bethany truly dead?

Why did Eric Kahn say to Cece, back from the dead? What does he know.

What happened to the parents?

Who shot Ezra? Was it Shauna for sure?

Did Spencer kill anyone at all?

What the heck do Bethany’s drawings mean?

Why didn’t Mona tell the girls who kidnapped her if it was Cece?

Why did Wren draw Red Coat and the family?

What happened to the parents?

How did Cece pull it off by herself and Sara freakin’ Harvey? 

The little boy at the creepy doll store said a man and woman came asking questions, who were they?

What was the mythical aspect to PLL that Marlene said earlier on in the seasons?

Why did Ian kill himself if he knew he never killed Ali? 

Why were all the characters so suss all the time?

Why did A send Spencer a message saying you know me Spence, you killed me?

Why did nutjob Bethany push Marion and make her drawing out like she saw her fall?

Why did Bethany think Mrs.d had an affair with her dad? 

Ezra was watching the girls why didn’t he spot Cece hanging around listening to their conversations?

Why was Red Coat watching Ella and Ashley in the Episode before?

And who/what the hell is in the barrel? 

I don’t feel like it was the summer of many answers.

What did you guys think?




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  • soso

    Also, Keegan Allen said we could watch season 1 after knowing who A is and be like “oh it all makes sense!” but Cece wasn’t even mentioned or appeared until much later! WHAT THE HELL!

    • Niruna Mensi Suntharalingam

      ye that’s the bit that didn’t add up for me either :/ maybe there’s more to the reveal?

      • I hope they don’t carry this A storyline on in 6b. I feel like it’s done because they said Cece and Sara acted alone but maybe it’s something to do with the Carrasimi group?

    • Yeah that’s just ridiculous. I’m thinking the Wren spoilers were true and they went and re shot the last episode or something. Basically all they needed was a villain for the finale because the clues pointed to everyone but the Cece ones were not as strong as some of the others. And I still don’t understand the motive to go after the girls when she did way worse to Ali as A. Toby had much more motive.

  • disqus_k1Ege6X45H

    I think Cece is Bethany and Charles maybe is Reese Matthews or someone else, but Cece being Charles doesn’t add up and a lot of her story contradicts other peoples accounts of things that happened. Also what happened to Mona why did she stay

    • Mona just took off her Cape and stayed to watch maybe she wanted to become Queen again and take the game back! She played it better than Cece.

  • Charles

    I still think it should’ve been “Jason” with a background
    story that the real Jason was kidnapped years ago by Charles en HE is
    now pretending to be Jason. The real Jason was adopted by another
    family and came back in the Pretty Little Liars lives as Rhys
    Matthews knowing of nothing. Charles was put into Radley when he was
    a little boy because of his mental disorder (his urge to
    kill/torture). After that Charles was terrorizing everyone because he
    was mad at his sister Alison for always being loved by everyone, he
    tried to kill her (the rock on her head) and that’s how Jessica
    Dilaurentis ended up burying Ali hoping to protect Charles. It was a
    matter of time before Jessica couldn’t handle the truth anymore and
    wanted to go to the police which was the reason Charles killed her.
    It makes sense that Charles is A because pretending to be Jason he
    had easy access to Ali’s diary (remember season 1?) and so also to
    the girls deepest secrets which he could use to blackmail them.
    Lucas and Mona where part of the former A-team but only Lucas had met
    Charles face to face, Lucas fell in love with hanna and wanted to
    quit. Charles threatened him which explains why Lucas hiding and we
    don’t see him anymore with the girls after season 5. Mona got
    involved in the A-team when Charles got interested in her because she
    tried to murder Bethany. Mona thought it was Ali, hit her and ran
    away. Melissa came by seeing the unconscious Bethany (thinking she
    was dead) and buried her out of fear that her, at the time drugged,
    sister Spencer did it. Charles knows about this and blackmails her.
    That’s the reason she ended up trying to push Aria of the train at
    the Halloween party. Charles decides Wilden knows to much/is to close
    to the Dilaurentis family and wants him dead (remember ‘board
    shorts'(Wilden) on holiday with Ali up in Cape May). So he makes sure
    Wilden finds out (explains why ‘A’ was sending Wilden packages
    (remember the gross meat box)) about Melissa’s killing accident, he
    threatened to get her arrested and Melissa kills him. She followed
    him into the woods and the perfect moments occurred when he got hit
    by Ashley’s car. Charles knows about Melissa killing Wilden, out of
    fear she later moves to England. Back to Mona, after she hit Ali she
    saw her later again. In total shock she helped her escape Rosewood
    hoping in that way she would never found out about her failed attempt
    of killing her (in real; Bethany), and thereby still getting rid of
    her. After Charles hit the real Ali and Mrs D buries her he felt
    guilty (remember; “A” has a soul”) and calls Mrs Grünwald (you
    know, the woman with the freaky blue eyes) to tell her what happened.
    She used to be his former psychologist at Radley and cared about the
    then at the time small confused boy. Hearing Charles story she
    decides to check the grave of Alison and pulls her out when
    discovering she’s still alive. Ali is still in complete shock and
    runs out of the car after Mrs Grünwald tries to take her to the
    hospital, Ali is afraid she’ll be hunted down by the person who first
    hit her and runs away with help of Mona. A little while later Charles
    finds several clues that Ali is alive so he drugs Emily to dig up the
    grave with him and he discovers it is not his sisters body. He still
    uses it to scare the crap out of everyone including Jason which is
    actually Charles himself, nice acting there A. He tries to hunt Ali
    down, to lure her out of the dark, by attacking her friends who are
    (I quote) “her rock, without them she’s lost in the woods”.
    By destroying them, he destroys Ali. He starts to enjoy it and builds
    the dollhouse for his own pleasure (caused by his mental disorder).
    Of course he needs a lot of help, he can’t just accomplish this by
    himself, so he must have minions. Like red coat. Red coat changes all
    the time during the show. It was Maya who was first with Charles
    (remember she said to Emily she was dating other guys) but then fell
    in love with Emily and wanted to quit, therefore she was murdered by
    Charles. Then is was Shana (who got killed by Aria), Paige (who also
    fell in love with Emily (nice job Em) and then disappeared), then
    Cece and eventually Sara. The black widow at Wilden’s funeral was
    Cece, if you look at the scenes you see blonde hair trough the veil
    not dark brown!! It can’t be a brunette Sara, just no. The black swan
    at prom was just Jenna hanging out trying to hide the fact that she
    could see again. Mona still joined the A-gang the see Charles’ face
    and get him behind bars to protect her best friend Hanna. There must
    be more minions that Marlene King could reveal, remember the scene
    with the girl at the playground and around 12 people with hoodies
    running around. If they are helping A it’s much more realistic how he
    accomplished things. Well I hope people now can have a much more
    satisfying day, still don’t have a theory about all of Emily’s crazy
    girlfriends but at least most questions are answered with this plot.

    • Makes more than sense than the actual plot!

  • Taylor Marie

    My theory is, Cece is Bethany and Charles. I think she has a multiple personality disorder. That would explain why when Bethany pushed Marion she blamed it on Charles. And why else would she hate Mrs D so much? And it could explain why Mrs D took Bethany riding and things like that, because Bethany was her daughter. Maybe Cece is actually honestly crazy and Wren manipulated her to tell these stories. He has something to do with it! Maybe Wren drugged her and manipulated her. He was drawing a photo of alis mom at the end of an episode, his prescription cards were being filled out at the end of another. When Grenwald said “one of you have been touched by the one ali fears the most,” Spencer was having relations with Wren. He also was seen having a phone call with someone and he said “I held up my end, now you take care of yours.” Also, the hashtag #ItsNoLie, maybe Cece isnt lying, maybe she actually believes what she is saying. I have a hard time believing Marlene would choose a cop out story like this, especially when we have a season and a half left. I’m not buying it. “A man and a woman came buy asking questions” I think it was Cece and Wren.

    • I like this a lot! See, most fan theories are better than the actual one.

  • Tina Pusse

    Also what’s with the Caleb sidetrack in Ravenswood ? And it’s not very plausible that Mr. D did never even want to VISIT his child just because he liked to dress up as a girl. At least he wasn’t portrayed as some hardcore homophobic asshole before.

    • Exactly, I’ve never liked Mr.D but I wouldn’t have thought he was a homophobe. He did divorce his wife a while after his kid ‘died’ so the Asshole bit yes but agree with you. I’ve never understood Ravenswood or Grunwald.

  • Ct tester

    Guys – trust me, there is no point continuing to waste precious energy theorizing and trying to make this show make sense. This finale was so poorly done (rushed, questions left unanswered when we were specifically told they would all be answered, huge plot holes) and it sent a very pointed message to me as a viewer that the PLL powers that be don’t respect its viewership’s intelligence, social awareness, or time (telling us the timeline doesn’t matter? Telling us flashback scenes are “perspective”?).

    I deleted my PLL record setting after the finale. My self respect demanded it.

  • Boo boo

    Cece is not A