Charles and Cece met at Radley – Guest Theory by Katie G.

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My theory is based on how they could have created PLL season 3 and beyond. Clearly, they had to use what they had already done from the first two seasons. Now King said that they truly came up with the story line at the start of season 3. So here it is…

Mrs.DiLaurentis committed Charles DiLaurentis to Radley after his attempt to drown Alison as a baby. Now Charles is only a child at this time, and looks to any other children at Radley to feel comfortable with.

Charles meets Bethany Young at Radley, and the two become friends. Bethany may look at her as his baby sister, which could be the reason he felt the need to become her friend.

mrs dilaurentis

Now Mrs.DiLaurentis often visits her son at Radley, and gets a position on the Board. Bethany young’s father also visit’s his own daughter at Radley. This is how Mrs.DiLaurentis meets Mr. Young to begin their affair.

Charles and Bethany either both killed or witnessed the other kill Toby’s mother. This causes Mrs.DiLaurentis to cover up her son’s mistake, because she already sent him to Radley for almost hurting his baby sister, what would happen to him if he actually killed someone? So Mrs.DiLaurentis covers it up.

mrs dilaurentis clothes

She bribes Bethany with gifts to keep her quiet (Clothes, Custard the horse, etc). Not to mention she is having an affair with her father. The reason why Bethany probably helped, or killed Toby’s mom is because the doctor told Toby’s mom to “stay away from that blonde girl.” (Not positive on the actual quote) Well let’s jump forward to Cece Drake and Alison DiLaurentis.

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Now the girls pulled a very dramatic prank on Mrs.DiLaurentis. Mrs.DiLaurentis received a phone call from Radley that her daughter was there, so she rushes there only to discover Cece instead of Alison. This puts Mrs.DiLaurentis into panic mode. She doesn’t want Alison or anyone for that matter to find out about Charles. Well, I’m guessing Cece Drake did.

So for Mrs.DiLaurentis to keep Charles a secret, she needs to get him out of Radley. Well she is on the board, and could just pull him out probably, but what about Bethany? I’m sure she would of said something about her friend Charles no longer being there. So Mrs.DiLaurentis starts to build their hide out at her sister’s house, while her real hide out finishes being built (the dollhouse bunker, which is pretty high tech and secure like Radley).


Mrs.DiLaurentis also fakes Charles’s death. However, Bethany finds out about Mrs.DiLaurentis affair with her dad, which spikes the crazy/cruel drawings of Jessica. Charles convinces Bethany to run away with her, and Jessica provides clothes like Alison’s so she would resemble her (Charles doesn’t need a outfit because he looks like his brother, Jason).

that night pll

Jessica ask for Alison to stay inside that night because she does’t want people seeing two Alison’s running around. When Charles and Bethany escape, Bethany takes off because she does’t want to go with him and Jessica. Charles run’s to find Bethany and discovers “her” in front of his mother’s house, maybe thinking about hurting his mother for having an affair with her dad. Charles hits her in the back the head. Jessica see’s it happen. Jessica then informs Charles that he didn’t hit Bethany, that he hit the REAL Alison. This is why she buries Alison, and is heard saying “What have you done.”

Charles needs to fix what he did, but also needs to find the real Bethany. Charles finds the real Bethany and kills her (he is crazy, just killed his real sister, thinks that she may try to hurt his mom, and needs to make it up to his mom). He drags Bethany’s body back to where they originally buried the real Alison. But who should he hear coming….Melissa. Charles drops Bethany’s body and takes off.

Melissa buries Bethany, thinking it’s Alison. Charles is near by in the bushes or something, and notices that Alison’s body isn’t there anymore. So now Charles needs to go find Alison, which he finds a girl who looks like her the next day, Sara Harvey, and takes her. The reason Jessica and Charles need Alison in the first place is because Alison is the only grandchild in Jessica’s mother’s will (Jason was already written out of the will because of his drug use, and Charles is suppose to be “dead”).

Now the time passes to when the girls’ return to Rosewood. Original A is Mona, but Big A is Charles and Mrs.DiLaurentis. Jessica needs to try and find Alison, and she thinks the girls may know. So she begins to get close to them. She butters them up, gets them to wear Alison’s dresses, but before long she turns cold. She begins to think the girls know where Alison is and won’t tell her or is hiding Alison from her. Anyways, as Jessica is on a mission to find Alison.

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Charles is snuggling up to his old friend he met at Radley, Cece Drake. This is where my theory starts to fade a bit, but anyways… Cece ends up killing Mrs.DiLaurentis because one Mrs.DiLaurentis hates her, two…she is getting in the way of her and Charles, and three…she still has a secret vendetta against Alison for getting her kicked out of UPENN. So Cece kills Jessica and blames it on the girls to Charles. Sending Charles into a rage to hurt them.

Now Cece knows all the past history, especially the details. So she helped Charles throw the prom at the Dollhouse. In the recent episode we see Red Coat again (Cece Drake) getting ready to go to the prom with Charles. Now of course Cece wouldn’t miss a chance to relive her old glory day’s as prom queen, and she sure as hell not going to sit back and let Charles have all the fun at prom.

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Also a side note… Leslie stone, and Rhy’s Matthews are helping Charles and Cece. Leslie probably supplied the tracking chips that Charles put in the girls, and other things. I don’t believe that Rhys Matthews is Charles, simply because they have put so much time and effort into creating this show and story line that they wouldn’t just blow the big reveal two episodes before the finale with showing his face. Rhys is simply a distraction. He is apart of the A squad/ helping Charles, but he just can’t be him.

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It’s to obvious to put someone right in front of our face that looks like Jason. Many viewers think that Rhys is this big clue (mostly related to the twin theory), but he really is just the cover-up to hide the real clues. Trying to focus or attention on him and the possibilities of who Rhys really is.

PLL reminds me of Gossip Girl. GG went on for years, just like PLL, and nobody even suspected Dan till the end. I just think that this story is way more believable than some of the other far fetched theories out there.

Theory by Katie G.

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  • Meredith

    I still can’t decide on who I think ChArles is; I mean we have to know them. I am circling around with similar thoughts that Charles met CeCe when she snuck into Radley as Alison. I think CeCe is black widow though not Red Coat (as if that matters)..CeCe knows most of Ali’s secrets’ which the girls knew like none. I think Sara is Red Coat and/or ChArles. As I said circling.

  • Briana-Rose Conroy

    Way more believable than what actually happened