Charles is Coming Home

kenneth pll

So someone leaves a birthday card on Mr DiLaurentis’ car windscreen, was it to him or for someone else, Charles?

What’s the deal with Charles, is he dead or alive.

What does he want from the girls, has he actually killed anyone. Is he just trying to teach them a lesson or make them feel sympathy for what he has been through.

If Charles is alive, then Carol could be buried in her own front yard! I wonder who would be responsible for this, hmmm Mrs DiLaurentis did you bury your own sister.

I wonder if Carol is Bethany’s mother, we know that Mrs D had an affair with her father and she told Bethany to call her ‘aunt Jessie’. Let’s say Carol is Bethany’s mother, then black widow could be aunt Carol (remember when Ali dreamt about Mrs D in black widows outfit, it might be that this person is not young).

What if Mrs D gave Charles to Carol so she can look after him and keep it a secret from Kenneth but after some time Carol couldn’t look after him so she argued with Mrs D and Mrs D accidentally killed her over it and buried her with Charles’ name on the gravestone.

Bethany might have some idea of this so she hates Mrs D and calls her a liar.

If Bethany knew Charles at Radley, what went on in there! Were they playing games with each other.

Back to the original point, Charles sends a birthday card to his father possibly saying that he is coming home. This family is twisted!

Kenneth doesn’t want anything to do with Charles and he said he was glad it was over, that Charles was gone. Uh oh Kenneth did you dig up your grave, Charles won’t be happy.

After Mona was no longer A, Jason hasn’t received any texts from A, he might be the only DiLaurentis that hasn’t caused any trouble with Charles, or maybe he isn’t a DiLaurentis. Jason could be Bethany’s brother and aunt Carol’s son. I think Mrs D switched Jason with Charles after she found out that Charles was psycho.

Let’s see what happens.