Charles is Dead?


Jason knew Charles as Charlie, Mr.D lied and said he didn’t know anything and at the end of the last episode we see him telling Ali and Jason something that sounded like he knew Charlie.

I actually think Charles is really dead and someone is getting revenge on the family for him.

Let’s say that Charles was another man’s child, or even another family’s child, what if one of his parents are taking revenge. Maybe Marion or Scott Montgomery?

I’m thinking that Bethany knew Charles from Radley and she’s helping someone tell everyone who he was, Because the Dilaurentis family tried to hide him away.

I don’t know how but all the families could somehow most of the parents are involved and now their children are paying for it.

That’s probably why everything will be over so quick, there will be a time jump so I don’t think we will see a trial or anything. I think the person is getting revenge will die.

What do you guys think?







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  • Amy

    I think Charles faked his death; he’s either hiding out as someone the girls know well but with a new identity (something I thought for a while) or he killed Jason and Jason is the one who’s really dead, so they would have to be twins for that.

  • Paula Morales

    What if sara is bethany’s twin? And she’s faking and looking for revenge for bethany’s death and someone lied to bethany and conviced her to dress like alisson that night

  • Marina Barnes

    Marlene King said wren was busy on another show”what if Wren really is A and he dies, and this explains why Marlene says that….

  • Viola Themesizzso

    Charles is A. Ok, but not that Uber A. I think he is just a poor guy who has some issues with his past. Bethany and Charlie are connected because of Radley and Charles’s mom. Bethany is somehow related to Toby and Jessica killed Toby’s mom. Bethany and Charles teamed up to take revenge on Jessica Dilaurentis. Once she died, they found liars as their next trophies but nothing so deep about it. Eventually at S07, one of the liar will be revealed as Uber A. And I bet that is Alison.