Charles is Melissa and Jason’s Triplet and a Hastings

pll babies

What if Charles thinks he is a DiLaurentis but he is actually a Hastings? Mrs D took Jason and Peter took Melissa whilst Charles was sent away. This is valid a reason for us to feel sorry for him, knowing that none of the parents wanted him but kept his brother and sister.

What if all Charles wanted was to be loved but Mrs. D never gave him the chance?

I think Mrs Dilaurentis knew that if she buried Ali that night, she would be able to breath and so to keep her safe from Charles she pretended to bury her. she called Mrs Grunwald to take her away, why would Mrs. Grunwald know to go past at that exact moment? Only Charles found out that once again his mum protected another child over him. This made him mad at the liars, who had loving parents that he tried to build a wedge between the liars and their parents.

I don’t think he meant to hit Ali that night, he probably thought it was Cece.

In this instance Wren cannot be Charles because of his relationships with Melissa and then Spencer, unless he’s seriously demented. I’m not sure if Marlene would head in this direction.

  • Charles obviously has a connection to Spencer somehow.
  • Melissa looks to have a deep involvement, what if she tells her dad that she found her brother and that’s why Mr.Hastings says, you can never tell your mum what you told me. Because Mrs Hastings doesn’t know about the third child.
  • We see on Melissa’s laptop she is pictured with Twins, could this be a sign leading to triplets?


  • Producer Norman Buckley said the episode titled ‘The Mirror Has Three Faces’ is a big clue. Could it be because of the triplets?
  • Ezra is connected to and knows all the girls. He has got to know all of them on a personal level. Could he be Charles? Or could it be Johnny, Holbrook or  was it Wilden? Yes he is dead but Bethany could be continuing his game.
  • Ezra and Holbrook are the closest age to Charles. We don’t know Wilden’s age.
  • Ali has this picture in her room:

Ali PictureWhat if it’s supposed to be 2 boys and a girl?  Maybe Ali’s mum made this picture to deter her away from asking questions, we all know Ali loved herself so why wouldn’t she want to see two of her.

  • What if Mona and Lucas’ gang were the ones who set up everything between Charles and Ali?
  • Melissa kept saying she tried to protect Spencer from before the Ali thing happened so did she know from the start?
  • Maybe Melissa set up the cameras with the NAT club in Ali’s room because she wanted to get a shot of Charles and not Ali.
  • I think the Dilaurentis’ and the Hastings used to holiday together, that’s how they Mrs. D got pregnant.
  • There is only 1 year difference between Jason and Melissa, I think they could easily be the same age though and their parents could have lied, the mum is a lawyer they could draw up papers to make it look like they are different ages.
  • Kenneth probably knew but doesn’t want to admit the fact that Mrs. D had another man’s children.
  • I think Charles was given to Marion but was later sent to Radley because she couldn’t look after him.
  • Peter could have wanted Radley shut down, so he is sent elsewhere but Mrs. D got on the board to look after him.
  • Charles met Bethany in Radley and they got close. She witnessed Mrs. D push Marion and told Charles. They decided to break out from Radley and go after Mrs. D.
  • I don’t think Charles meant to hurt Ali but I think something happened between him and Bethany that made him lose control and hit her.
  • Charles is A but Bethany could be Black Widow.
  • I think Charles knew that Mona was playing Ali and he wants to play with her the same way. She’s not his favourite, Ali is.
  • Spencer was in Radley when she was young, I think she met Charles there.

Look at these pictures of triplet clues from the dollhouse:

A's Soul Room

3 sets of hand prints on the wall. Blue, red and green, two boys and a girl?

Also, do these mannequins look like Mrs D took the boy, Mr Hastings took the girl?

pll babies

3 babies pll

3 Skeletons – red blue and green again.

What do you think, could Charles be part of triplets, and a Hastings?

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