Charles is Not A Twin?

Charles pll

Everything is never as it seems in Rosewood.


I was looking at the footage that Spencer was watching again and I noticed that Mrs. D only tells one of the boys to kiss his sister goodnight, she says good boys but that doesn’t mean they are both hers. Which makes me think the other little boy is not her son but it’s the person who is behind the camera’s son. Or that that baby is also not Ali but Bethany. Just because Mrs. D is holding the baby, does not necessary mean it’s her, it could be Marion’s, or one of the Campbell’s child. But my theory is that one of them is possibly Eric Kahn, yep Noel Kahn’s older bro. It seems that he is 22/23 in the show, which would coincide with the ages. Jason, 24 and Bethany would be 19.


I know they could be fraternal twins but they could also just be cousins.

Andrea Parker who plays Mrs D tweeted this pic and I noticed the pink and blue shoe laces so i’m wondering whether this is an indication of something. Not transgender but something else all together. Well the one wearing the pink shoe lace is the boy i’m thinking is not her son.  Maybe he is Marion’s son and is related to Toby? Which kind of makes more sense as to why he would want to come back for revenge? Or Maybe it’s one of the other parents sons.

I’m thinking there are more stories that haven’t been told, like Sara Harvey’s and Bethany’s and I think they are related but I still think it could lead back to Black Widow or The Lady in Black. And no Charles is not any of them.

Pink and blue shoelace

Mr Hastings, what secrets are you hiding? I don’t like the way he’s looking at that knife.

Mr Hastings

Also considering that Toby’s girlfriend has been kidnapped by a psycho, he’s not exactly tearing through the streets to find her. Caleb and Toby were awfully calm, Ezra seemed to care a little I guess.

Does Toby have a brother or sister he doesn’t know about? Or maybe he does…


Anyway just something to think about. Xoxo

  • Amy

    How is this confusing but it makes sense in a way? Sorry, not making sense right now… This makes sense but it also doesn’t. Is that normal?