Is Charles Toby’s Older Brother?

Charles pll

Short theory on Charles

IF Charles is the boy who kissed the little baby, then I’m guessing this boy could be Toby’s older brother and Marion’s son. Marion was forced to put her son into Radley because of some altercation between him and another child, probably was sent there when something was not actually his fault. Maybe he did something to Jason and Mr Hastings found out and got little Charles locked up in Radley. Marion would have never forgotten about him. In her later years as Toby grew older, he reminded her of Charles, she wanted to be closer to him so she places herself into Radley to be near him.

I should point out that I think the baby was Bethany, Mrs.D’s daughter and the other little boy was an older Campbell kid, or someone else. So I’m saying Jason and Ali were not in the picture at all.

Both sisters’ kids had issues with mentality but they found a bond in Radley. The night Marion was pushed by Mrs.D, Charles was the fragile patient on the roof with his mom and Bethany was the one watching. She saw her mom push Charles’ mom.

Mrs. D had Charles sent to a confined room at Radley where he wouldn’t say anything to anyone. That night Bethany helps Charles out and they both escape.

I think Charles hit Ali for what Mrs. D did to his mom, Bethany tried to stop him but he also lashes out at her.

I think Charles could be taking revenge for his mom and Bethany is Black Widow, who is trying to stop him. I wonder if Toby knows about Charles, which is why he became a cop to try and find him? Toby has definitely been suss since he joined the A team so I’m guessing he has found out something.





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