Guest Theory by Ashley: Charles is NOT a girl

Charles pll


Charles pll

Charles is NOT Bethany Young, nor is he CeCe Drake. (The age differences do not add up. Bethany was 17 when she died, making her 19 IF she’s alive and CeCe is 26.) In fact, he’s not a girl at all. Because Charles had a list of songs from 7 years ago and played “Unwritten” had the prom, which came out in 2005, I think he’s 24.

They mention how 2005 was Melissa and Ian’s prom. In Rosewood, it’s 2012. So 7 years ago would make it 2005. So Charles is probably the same age as Melissa, Ezra, Wren, and JASON.

The anagram in Mona’s mirror stood for Charles DiLaurentis. I think Charles is Jason’s twin, making Peter Hastings his father. We know Peter & Jessica had an affair that resulted in Jason, but WHAT IF they had TWINS? Peter & Jessica kept this a secret. He forced her to give away one boy and keep the other and have him raised by Mr.D (Kenneth). So the twin she put up for adoption was Charles. Now, he’s clearly in the video with Jason, Mrs.D & baby Ali…so I’m thinking his adoptive mother was Andrew’s mother.

The video was taken at Campbell Farm. What’s Andrew’s last name? Campbell. I think Andrew’s mother took the video of Mrs. D, Jason, Charles & baby Ali. Keep in mind that Andrew is a baby at this point too and that Charles does not realize that Mrs. D is his mother. He’s just friends with her son Jason. The twins didn’t look exactly the same in the video, so maybe they were fraternal? I think as Charles grew older, he became mentally ill and was sent to Radley. This is where he met Bethany Young. Because of their similarities, they were really close and fell in love.

Jessica found out her son was there through his adoptive parents and became a trustee on the board to look after him. She also visited Bethany during this time and they grew close. I also think Charles’ adoptive parents are the ones that called Jessica the night Ali disappeared. I think they were telling her Charles & Bethany had escaped Radley. I think he was the one who hit Ali with the rock. While in Radley, he found out the truth about his family and shared the information with Bethany. They both wanted revenge. He felt alone and wondered “why would my mother give me away?” He and Bethany envied Ali since she was having a life that they couldn’t have.

Charles probably even resented Ali for always fighting with Jason. Charles would have wanted to grow up with them and felt like they didn’t care about him. So he hits Ali while Mrs. D is watching through the window. I think Mrs. D was protecting Charles for this. So while she buried Ali (thinking he killed his sister), she was talking to Charles crying and repeating “what have you done?” We know Ali drugged the girls that night and supposedly the girls slept through the night, except for Spencer because she was speeding. But what if the others woke up too? I think they left the barn and hit Bethany with the shovel thinking it was Ali. So after Charles hit Ali he went looking for Bethany and while the girls are out looking for Ali, they hit Bethany.I think Charles and Melissa witness this. Charles loses it because he knows that’s Bethany…not Ali. So this is why he wants revenge on the liars now.

Charles disappears and Melissa buries Bethany…thinking it is Ali. Now you’re probably thinking…why would the girls want to hurt Ali? Well, maybe because they were drugged and weren’t thinking clearly or realizing she’s not a good friend.

Important info: Marlene said they are not casting a new member to play the part of Charles. She also asks, “How do you know you haven’t already seen Charles?” Also in a recent interview, she’s asked, “is it possible we’ve seen Charles thinking he was someone else,” she replies, “that is very possibly.” So I think the times we have seen Jason, he may have been Charles pretending to be Jason.

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  • bella

    if jason and charles are FRATERNAL twins, (only logical because the boys in the video dont look identical) then how would he pretend to be jason without anybody realizing he looks different?

  • kaitlyn

    remember how Jason was played by a different actor at the beginning of the show, could that have been Charles, or was it maybe Jason and the “Jason” we know now is truly Charles, I mean Jason is always dissapearing

    • Mary Sanchez

      If Jason died the night of the fallen elevator maybe Charles hid the body and replaced him then escaped the hospital when Emily step out the room to stash or burry the body

  • Jessica Melendrez

    In the show Kenneth says Charles was born 15 months before Jason. Therefore, they cannot be the same age.

  • PratiqueArtes Artesa