Could Charles be Mrs. D’s Brother?

scream for me pll

I wonder if Charles is none other than Mrs. D’s brother. What if the twin story that Ali told was of Charles and Jessica, just metaphorically, they Mrs. D stabbed him in the back…. for Money?

Maybe Charles is Toby’s real father, Toby did pause when Spencer showed him this….Could that knife belong to Charles?

scream for me pll

toby pll

Is this why Toby became a cop? To start looking in to this?

Mrs. D wouldn’t cover up for anyone unless it was a sibling.

I wonder if Mrs. Grunwald is their mom, that’s why she was there that night because Jessica told her that Charles had escaped Radley, and she knew he would come after her because she knew what she did to him?

Bethany could be Charles’s daughter and Ali’s cousin.

Mrs. D could have lied about who Bethany’s dad was, maybe Bethany inherited his mental issues. That night Bethany and her dad escape, he sees one of the girls hit Bethany?

So Toby and Bethany would be related.

The boy in the video could be Jason and someone else.

Maybe Ali found out she had a uncle in Radley and wanted to find out more about him.

One last twist could be that Charles was pushed off the roof and Marion was the fragile patient who couldn’t do anything. Maybe the drawings that Bethany drew were because Mrs. D said Marion fell, but she lied, because it was really her dad, who was pushed.

I don’t know why the ‘clues’ would spell out Charles DiLaurentis but maybe it’s tying brother and sister together somehow?


  • jamie lee newall-tope

    Mrs Dilaurentis took her name from her husband, so Charles couldnt be her brother. Unless, Mr D took his name from his wife?