One Line Pll Theories

alison dilaurentis

Hi Pll addicts!

So I wanted to do something fun and I thought of doing these one liner theories for today’s post. They are all separate to one another.

Cece killed her twin and is Byron’s brother’s daughter and Aria’s cousin.

Cece Drake

Ali killed Bethany’s twin and Bethany is A.


Ezra is actually a private investigator hired by Mr DiLaurentis (and now by Eddie Lamb.)

ezra pll


Emily is A and is getting revenge for Ali, she told Maya to fake her death and join the A team.

emily is a

Eddie Lamb is A and is getting revenge for his love Marion.

eddie lamb


Ian faked his death, he is actually A

Ian pll

Spencer was killed that night by her twin Bethany and Bethany took Spencers place

spencer pll


Have you got any to add? xoxo