Crazy Pll Theory – Marion is Alive!

marion cavanaugh

This is the craziest theory we’ve done!

What if Marion Cavanaugh is Alive!!!???

Okay, here me out….

Bethany's Drawing pll

So the girl in the pictures that Bethany drew are of a young girl and not a 45 year old woman, artists do interpret bodies and people in different ways, but what if the rest of Bethany’s book is filled by Marion? Is that where Toby gets his artistic talent from? I say this because the pictures Bethany drew were of a blonde girl with a deformed face, the drawings are all very vibrant and the technique is loose. In the later ones, everything is in black and it’s very detailed.  Much like Toby’s.

Toby's drawing Pll

What if the fragile patient on the roof was Bethany? And she was the one that was pushed and maybe Marion saw this. If the girl was pushed by Cece. Marion must have seen something, what if Cece told Marion she knows who pushed Bethany and had said it was Ali? Because Cece wanted Ali dead.

Cece was the probably the one who killed her twin and now she was obsessed with Ali so she built this whole crazy game up to take Ali’s place.

What if Cece had told Marion how Ali and her friends were horrible people and how they tormented Toby and caused Marion to hate them all?

And then she told Ali how she could make her disappear because Alison wanted to play a game and scare her friends. Maybe Cece and Ali plotted how to get her Gran’s inheritance money as well.

Cece could have also got Ali to spread hate towards everyone, including her friends. It seems like they had a toxic relationship.

Cece could have told Ali about a girl named Bethany and because she was crazy she told her she was alive, she then got Marion to reply as Bethany so Marion could go after Alison that night.

Cece left a note for Ali that night to wear the yellow top because she had planned for Marion to escape Radley and led her to Ali?

Mrs D would have got a call saying Marion (her sister) has escaped. She goes to Ali’s house and hits her, Mrs D buries Ali, all the while saying what have you done to her sister.

Mrs. D calls Wilden to put her sister in a safe place, because Wilden knew Marion was alive.

I also think Bethany could have been Ezra Fitz’s little sister, if Dianne Fitzgerald had a crazy daughter she would disown her I would imagine. Maybe that’s how Eddie Lamb knows Ezra. Maybe he recognised her because he saw her with Ezra.

I think Mrs. D paid Darren Wilden to cover up Bethany’s death and pretend it was Marion, she must have placed Marion in a special room at Radley because Dr Palmer told her to keep her away from the ‘Blonde’ Girl, who was Cece.

Mrs D must have also discovered Ali was missing from the place where she buried her and told Wilden to get another body, he might have killed Sara Harvey and placed her inside, or they could have used Bethany’s body from the fall. Remember Wilden said to Emily’s mum after Emily accidentally killed Nate that he knows how Emily’s feeling. Was he forced to kill Sara Harvey?

Also Sara Harvey could have been Melissa’s friend, maybe Wilden told her what he did and now Melissa wants Cece and Ali to pay for all the hurt they’ve caused.

How do the Hastings fit into this? Jessica could have asked Peter for money to pay Wilden, and asked him to hide it from Mr. DiLaurentis.

I think Wren knew what happened because Dr Palmer is his dad. He could be working with Ezra.

So Marion could be Uber A, taking revenge for her friend Bethany and maybe Toby is in on it now and has become a policeman to try and get Cece for manipulating his mother.

I think Cece could have killed Ali’s mum because she watched everything that happened that night.

I think everyone else might be employed by Ezra, because he has money and access to so many teens who would be willing to do A stuff for money!

We know there is no date on Marion’s memorial and her details, like her birth date is sketchy on her report, is that because she was never really dead!

Like I said it’s a crazy theory and has been fun fitting the pieces this way, even if there are some holes!

We have another crazy theory coming on Bethany soon!

TL:DR – Marion is alive and is Uber A. Cece drake killed Bethany Young. Wilden knew everything and was paid by Mrs.D not to say anything. Wilden killed Sara Harvey. Ezra is Bethany’s brother and pays his school kids to torture Alison.



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