Crazy Pll Theory

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Crazy pll Theory

Ali pushed Marion and Mrs D protects her by blaming Bethany, Cece’s twin.

Cece finds out and befriends Ali. only to poison her against everyone and to kill her later.

Cece got into Radley to see her twin.

Bethany escapes and Cece waits for her to come to Ali’s house so they can hit her.

Only Spencer hits Cece’s twin because she’s drugged up.

Cece hits Ali and wows to get revenge on the girls later.

Cece tells Mrs. D she knows Ali killed Marion.

Mrs. D lets Cece go.

Melissa buries Cece’s twin but Cece comes back for Bethany and finds she alive.

Cece sets up for Emily to hit Sara Harvey and puts her in Bethany’s place.

Paige is a friend of Sara’s.

Is this why A sent this to Spencer – You know me Spencer, you killed me.

Cece killed Mona so she doesn’t tell about Bethany.

Marion’s DNA is in the barrel, and Ali’s blood was outside to let them know Ali killed Marion.

Jenna, Noel, Wren, Mona, Paige, Maya, Wilden, Garrett, Holden, Lucas, Maya and  Ian were/are all on the A team but don’t know who they are working for.

Hanna and Aria are related, not by blood but through Cece Drake who is the twin child of Ashley Marin and Byron Montgomery.

Cece and Bethany, both twins are A, Red coat and Black Widow.

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  • Lisa Levine

    no some parts of your story are correct but Bethany and Ce Ce being twins no not all. I do believe that Ce Ce is A or uber A and Ezra is Varjack and Aria is his love and Ce Ce is either jealous for her self or for Alison. If there were any twin theory I would have picked Meredith and Ce Ce but they are one year apart so they can be sisters. just a theory but I do believe Ce Ce is the mastermind along with Ezra. She could have been on the train and ordered or blackmail Wildon or Jason or Melissa to kill Aria. She is hates Aria. she is jealous of Arias relationship with Ezra. perhaps she is doing it for Alison remember they fought but always stuck together. Alison liked Ezra and when Aria came back all the trouble begin again. When Aria met Ezra. Furthermore, Wren can lose his medical license for his shady behavior and Ce ce knows that. In addition, Ezra can lose his book deal and go to prison for having a relationship with an underage girl before she turned 18. Ce Ce have them wrapped around her fingers. So does Alison. But also another person comes to mind Meredith. She hated Aria. She even punched her but her in the basement drugged her. They all had a motive to hurt Aria in “dark ride”. Another thing I am trying to theorize is if Andrew and Ce ce are half brothers? That would make sense. and why Andrew is helping her.