Out, Damned Spot Recap

Out, Damned Spot recap

Out, Damned Spot recapSo the girls are donating blood, it’s like they are handing themselves over to the police without A even trying.  But how come Emily wasn’t donating? The more I watch season 5, the more I suspect Emily could be in on the game. The way she spilled to Ezra about Aria just seemed liked she was making trouble rather than ‘accidentally’ telling him. And what is so bad about her that she can’t tell Talia? We’re onto you Emily, are you on the A team?

Little Mike is all grown up and ready for battle, but I still feel like Ali has a hold on him. Last week’s episode he had I’m not taking anymore orders from anyone and yet he is doing Ali’s dirty work? I bet she is blackmailing him somehow. If the Cece and Hanna being step sisters by Ashley and Byron is true then maybe Mike wouldn’t hesitate to take Hanna down.

Or maybe, just maybe Mike is trying to find Mona’s body and A is planning something big!

Andrew looks suspicious all of the sudden, doesn’t he? I don’t know if he’s looking out for Aria and the gang or if he’s spying on them for someone.

Why does it seem like Hanna and her dad have no connection whatsoever? It just doesn’t feel like he wants to be there for her, which leads me to think, is she even his?

This episode confirmed a little bit that Ezra might not be A, he looks like he could be finding out who A is but I don’t think he’s a part of the group. He seems like he’s helping the girls rather than sabotaging them.

Also has Marlene brought this new guy in for Spencer to make everyone forget about Spoby? What is Toby is A? I wouldn’t hate him if Spencer is handing around other dudes. But Marlene, Spoby is better than Sponny!!

So A wants Hanna to go down for Mona’s murder, A really seems to be taking it out on Hanna, why so much hate on her? Which is why I still think that Cece is Ashley’s and Byron’s Daughter.

The biggest twist that could come out of Pll is if all the girls actually did try to kill Cece, Bethany and Ali that night, unthinkingly because they were drugged, and now these three are getting back at them!

What are your thoughts?



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